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World WellBeing Week | Get Moving to Music!

World WellBeing Week is a great time to think about all the ways in which we can promote wellness in our own families, from the emotional to the physical and everything in between. Each day this week,…

Let’s go to… SWEDEN!

Banjo absolutely LOVES Sweden. He thinks you will too – why not check out these additional resources and find out? Start with a little introduction to this interesting and beautiful country.  Onto …

National Picnic Week – 17th to 21st June 2021

Here at Banjo HQ, we absolutely love National Picnic Week as, who doesn’t love a lovely, scrummy picnic? Whatever the weather, just being outside on a picnic blanket with a lot of yummy things to ea…

Top Tips to Help with Hay Fever

Here at Banjo HQ, we have noticed that hay fever is affecting more and more of our family and friends so we wanted to share a few tips to help you get through this season!  Did you know that hay …

World Oceans Day 2021 | Download Banjo’s free poster!

Banjo loves to protect our planet – including our oceans and his underwater friends! Check out our blog for fun sea facts and a free printable poster!

Banjo Robinson’s Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide for inspiration on what to get your child’s special grown up!

Banjo Robinson Celebrates Pride Month | Download your free pride rainbow here!

Here at Banjo HQ, we think that any time is a good time to talk to kids about what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning (LGBTQ+), and June gives us an especiall…

Best Garden Activities for Children!

It’s Children’s Gardening Week & Garden Wildlife Week from 1st June to 7th June so we wanted to make sure that the kids are outside enjoying your gorgeous gardens! Here are our best garden act…

Let’s go to… COSTA RICA!

Banjo LOVES Costa Rica – the animals, the people, the beaches! Try some of his favourite Costa Rican activities today!

International Children’s Day 2021 | Mindfulness with Banjo Robinson!

Happy International Children’s Day 2021! Check out our mindfulness exercises and free printables for your little one, below. Practicing mindfulness from a young age is a super way to help nurtur…

National Biscuit Day 2021 | Icun Cookies with Banjo Robinson

Roll up your sleeves and get baking with Banjo this bank holiday weekend! Read or download his Icun cookie recipe here.

Bank Holiday Activities for Kids

Come rain or shine, we have you covered with bank holiday activity suggestions to keep the kids entertained and engaged!

National Epilepsy Week | What Cronutt the Sea Lion can Teach your Child about Curiosity and Kindness

This week is National Epilepsy Week supported by Epilepsy Research UK and what better time to introduce you to a wonderful sea lion named Cronutt… Introducing Cronutt the Sea Lion Cronutt is a 7…

MadeForMums GOLD Award Winners 2021

May 2021 Banjo Strikes Gold Hot on the heels of our founder and CEO, Kate, being featured in J.P. Morgan Private Bank‘s Top 200 Female Powered Businesses in the UK, Banjo Robinson has struc…

Let’s go to… ANTARTICA!

Banjo thinks Antarctica is wild, weird and WONDERFUL! What do you think? Let’s do some more exploring! You can start with this short video which introduces you to Antarctica- the coldest, windiest a…

Let’s go to… Somewhere in the INDIAN OCEAN!

Banjo is floating somewhere in the Indian Ocean… you can be right there with him with these extra resources! Let’s start with learning about all the oceans of the world! Now that you’re …

Reduce Re-use and Recycle with Banjo Robinson.
Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day from Banjo HQ! Subscribe your interest for Banjo’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle printable pack being released next month.

Let’s go to… GREECE!

Banjo thinks Greece is extraordinary! Do you want to learn more about it? Start here!

Let’s go to… FRANCE!

Banjo wants to become an expert on France. Have a look at these extra resources and you can become one too!

Let’s go to… INDONESIA!

Banjo LOVES Indonesia! Check out these links to find out more about it…

Easter Activities for the Kids: Save 50% & get a FREE book!

Does your child love adventures? After the year they’ve had, stories are more important than ever. Keep reading to find out more about Banjo Robinson and our best deal, to date! Banjo Robinson …

Let’s go to… PERU!

Banjo thinks Peru is amazing! How much do you know about this interesting country? Check out these resources to learn more!

Let’s go to… ICELAND!

Banjo is so happy to be visiting Iceland. Check out these extra resources and you can imagine you’re right beside him!

Keep your kids entertained at half term!

Banjo Robinson travels around the globe sending letters (real letters!) to children, turning reading and writing into a game.  This half term feels a bit different as many of our community are li…

Let’s go to… RUSSIA!

Banjo finds Russia fascinating! You will too after checking out some of these extra resources! Start by looking at some lovely photos and reading some interesting facts here.  You can read all ab…


Banjo feels SO lucky to be in the amazing Galápagos Islands this week! Here’s some more info about them- would you like to visit too?

FREE children’s audiobook read by Pandora Sykes

Sign up today to receive a FREE audiobook read by Pandora Sykes. The 7 minute video also features beautiful imagery from Banjo Robinson’s new book.

Zoom Fun: Helping kids to stay connected over lockdown

Here at Banjo Robinson, we like to provide lots of activities for screen-free fun. However, in these lockdown times, it’s also lovely when kids get the chance to connect with one another online.&nbs…

A note to children of key workers from Banjo Robinson

An alternative version of Banjo’s recent note; for children of key workers.

Let’s go to… MADAGASCAR!

Banjo is learning all about endemic species in Madagascar this week. What can you learn about this amazing country?

A note to school children from Banjo Robinson

Banjo has written a special note for primary aged children who are once again dealing with the announcement of school closures. Read aloud with your little one to spread a little hope and cheer!

Let’s go to… MEXICO!

Banjo thinks Mexico is fantástico! Dive into these extra resources and you could almost be there with him, this festive season!

Let’s go to… PORTUGAL!

Banjo adores Portugal! And with these additional resources, you can fall in love with it too!

Let’s go to… MALI!

Banjo’s in Mali this week visiting his cousin Hawa. You can get to know this amazing country too with the help of these extra resources!

Let’s go to… EGYPT!

Banjo’s reached Egypt! He’s already having lots of fun learning about history, culture and… crocodiles! Join in the fun with these extra resources.

Let’s go to… CHILE!

Banjo’s in Chile- what a lucky puss! Check out these extra Chile-themed resources to complement his most recent letter.

Let’s go to… JAPAN!

Check out these fun resources to help your child learn more about Japan and the language, interests and crafts of the Japanese!

Celebrating Black History Month 2020
Celebrating Black History Month 2020

A list of online resources and events to help you and your little ones kickstart celebrating Black History Month 2020.

Let’s go to… AUSTRALIA!

Check out these fun resources to help your child learn more about Australia and the Aussie way of life, down under.

top tips to help good habits stick
6 top tips to help good habits STICK!

Check out our 6 top tips to help children establish healthy routines and encourage good habits to STICK at the start of a new school term.

the benefits of reading with young chidren
Hit the books! The benefits of early reading

The benefits of early reading seem endless to us at Banjo HQ. But what are the stand out benefits? Why do we believe it is so important? 2 min read.

5 tips to help kids deal with frustration
Aargh! 5 tips to help kids deal with frustration

Helping kids deal with frustration is a daunting task. Check out our top tips for helping kids process their emotions when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Holidays at home - Banjo is in India!
Holidays at Home: Indian Adventure!

The final instalment of Banjo’s holidays at home: India! Attempt our Ganesha drawing challenge, become a mendhi designer and try to spot all the tigers in this beautifully illustrated brain teaser!

how to kick start a love of literacy from an early age
Back to school: kick-start your kid’s love of literacy

5 top tips on how to kick start your kid’s love of literacy and encourage reading and writing before the start of a new school term.

Banjo Robinson party mess
Top 10 Christmas gifts for the kid who has everything

Check out our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for children between the ages of 5-8. From football fanatics to keen chefs & active explorers, we have you sorted.

Elevenses with Book Nook
Elevenses with… Book Nook!

This morning, Banjo is celebrating the joy of independent booksellers by sharing a delicious mango and passionfruit doughnut with Vanessa Lewis co-owner of the multi-award winning children’s booksho…

developing a growth mindset
How to develop a growth mindset with Banjo: a teacher’s perspective

Developing a growth mindset from a young age is essential. Learn about four important growth mindset qualities and how Banjo can help your child with this.

holidays at home: Canadian edition!
Holidays at home with Banjo: Canada!

Print out these four fun Canadian themed printable activities to keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays!

Top tips for car travel with young kids
Top tips for car travel with kids

With the rise of staycations this summer, we know how crucial it is for parents to glean practical advice and top tips for car travel with kids. 2 min read.

Mumsnet and Banjo Robinson partnership
Mumsnet x Banjo Robinson

89% of mumsnet testers said they would recommend Banjo Robinson to a friend or family member. Check out what else they had to say about Banjo’s magical missives in this blog post! The perfect gift for…