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6 ideas for at-home fun with the kids

For rainy days or long afternoons check out this list of 6 free, creative ideas for your little ones. We hope you enjoy it!

Making the News

All morning activity

Transform your kitchen table into a press room for the day! This is particularly good for kids who are already writing but there are always jobs for smaller ones too. Invent a newspaper and everyone can oversee a different department from sports to recipes to local stories. Write articles, draw pictures, create comic strips and invent a fun logo before sticking it all together. Why not get it photocopied and give it out to neighbours or friends too? One of our Banjitos has become quite the roving reporter after creating a newspaper for her street last summer!

Check out our free printable for this activity here.

Scavenger Hunt

30 minutes

Make a list of things for your kid to spot around their home. Be sure to include a few tricky ones so that the game’s not over too quickly.  The last scavenger list we received from a Banjito parent included: a word that’s been written in another language, an animal wearing clothes, a picture of a person with a moustache, a book with a pink cover, a food beginning with ‘e’ and an enormous spoon. 

Check out our free printable for this activity here.

Wardrobe Raiders

One hour

Let your child go wild in your closet! Allow them to wear any of your clothes, shoes and accessories- and you can even ask them to do their best impression of you at the end of it. Guaranteed that this will end up in a giant mess but it’s very funny and they will love how forbidden it feels to raid the wardrobes! Don’t forget to take photos…

Storybook Charades

45 minutes

Select a few books that everybody who’s playing will recognise, then take it in turns to act them out. Smaller children will have a whale of a time pretending to be all three little pigs or The Gruffalo whilst bigger ones will enjoy the challenge of trying to make you guess a specific volume of the Harry Potter series.

Colour Run

10 minutes

This is a simple idea from a 6-year old Banjito who says he’s the reigning champion in his house. Set the timer and see how many things of a certain colour they can find. Send them off with trickier colours like fuchsia or teal if they’re too speedy! 

Bigfoot Challenge

5 minutes

Get an armful of socks from every member of the household and put them in a pile. Set a timer and see how many your kid can put on in 30 seconds. It’s harder than it sounds and always ends up with lots of giggles. You should definitely try this one too, just don’t try and walk down any stairs with your massive sock foot afterwards.

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