Let’s personalise your first letter from Banjo Robinson

Hey there! Banjo Robinson takes children's privacy very seriously, and so kids can only be signed up by their own parents or guardians. However, if you wish to sign up a child for whom you are not responsible then you can send a Banjo Robinson gift card instead!

About your child

Hi ! I was having a cup of tea with your the other day and they told me a little bit about you - I'm so excited to learn more!

Where they live

I was thinking of spending some time in soon, come to think of it, you live don’t you? Maybe I’ll come visit you and take a nap on your comfy sofa.

Their pet

Why don’t you write me a letter and tell me where you’d like to go and explore? I know this amazing called who lives near you and they can pick it up and deliver it to me!

Customise the ending of your first letter

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