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Banjo Magic: How Banjo can help with sibling conflict at Christmas

We know that Christmas is a great time to get together with your family and have a lot of fun, but we also know that even exciting times can be stressful, especially when kids aren’t getting along! With the combination of the extra yummy food, lots of presents and all that anticipation,  little conflicts can arise, so here are a few tips of how Banjo can help you this festive season:

Printing off different downloadables

We have so many resources available for you so, why not print a couple of different exercises from the Weekly Meow or even something from our blogs? Giving them all different options of things to do means that they’ll be working on something all by themselves and (hopefully!) come together at the end to show each other their work!

Get out of the house!

Pop on your hats and scarves and see if you can find any of Banjo’s cousins near where you live! It’s amazing what a bit of a fresh air will do to clear their (and your!) mind too. Distraction will always help with any conflict with kids.

What would Banjo do? 

We know that Banjo is thoughtful and kind so remind them of this. Maybe Banjo would write a letter to apologise or give their sibling a cuddle? Sometimes a little reminder to be nice to each other goes a long way.

Get creative! 

Get your crafts out and have your little one draw a picture of Banjo or express how they’re feeling. They may be getting super annoyed with their sibling, and this is a perfect time to take a moment to write or draw. Get them to read it to you so you fully understand why they’re feeling this way. 

Do some dances/videos for Banjo

Grab your phone and get your little ones to put on a dance for Banjo or a give him a video tour of your home! (Just tell them you’ll email it to him later!). Asking them to work together and give the best version of themselves may help with them not fighting any more and will also leave you with a lovely video for years to come!

We hope that you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to share any blog ideas with us about how we can keep the Banjo magic alive with your little one. Check out our other Banjo Magic blogs here. 

Remember to talk about Banjo with your child and  encourage them to find out where Banjo is travelling to. You can also follow Banjo’s Spotify account and have a boogie together, as if Banjo is actually right there with you! We’ll be adding some Christmas tunes REALLY soon!

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Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x