Banjo’s Guide to… Love

Dear _____,

Have you noticed how everyone goes a bit googly on February 14th? That’s because it’s St Valentine’s Day – which is all about showing and sharing love. A few things Banjo loves are: exploring, radiators and dessert. But my biggest, strongest, meow-it-from-the-rooftops love is for my family and friends.

Everybody shows love in different ways. Some people are good at listening to your grumbles or bringing you a slice of toast when you’re hungry. Some people just curl up on your lap and purr really loudly (okay, maybe that’s just a Banjo thing).

Here are more ways to show how you feel about somebody:

Use words

Why don’t you tell one of your friends that you think they’re wonderful? You could even make up a song about them. Sing it loud – it will make them feel amazing!

Do something kind

My friend Alfredo the tortoise always lets me ride on his shell when we go to the shops. It takes ages to get there but I feel safe and happy as we trundle along.

Hang out together

I love to spend time with my favourite people and animals. And if they’re too far away to join me on my adventures then I do the next best thing…write them a letter!

Give cuddles

It’s always good to ask someone if they want a hug first – and if they say yes then dive right in! This works well on your grown-ups when on sofas, at school gates and just before bed.

Draw a picture

Giving people gifts you’ve made shows them that you have been thinking about them. If you don’t like drawing, you could find them a pretty leaf or interesting stone next time you’re at the park.

Scruffle the ears and hand out a treat

Please try to remember that this only works for dogs and especially the ones you think are the absolute BEST.

So, show someone you love them today! Remember, it’s nice to celebrate St Valentine’s Day but there’s nothing better than loving and getting loved back all year round.