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Banjo’s Guide to… Love

Dear friend,

Will you try something out with me? Think about someone WONDERFUL

It can be somebody in your family or a special friend (humans or animals will do!).  

As you think about them, what pictures does your mind show you? Is it their smile? Is it a memory of where you’ve been together? Or is it more like a feeling? Maybe you remember what holding their hand is like, how they smell or the googly things they do to make you laugh. Do these thoughts make you feel happy? Sounds like LOVE!

For me, love is like a warm fuzziness in my tum which makes me feel safe. For some people, love feels more like a big party, for others it’s like a calm sea. 

Love can be funny, silly, exciting or comfy. Love can make us feel brave, and it can help us when we don’t feel brave at all. 

Even if we can’t do all the things we want to at the moment, it’s good to know that, whatever happens, we can keep loving – and being loved back!

Here are five ways to show love:

Use words

 Why don’t you tell someone that you think they’re fabulous? You could even write them a letter or make up a song about them. Sing it loud – it will make them feel amazing!

Be kind

 I know a tortoise who always lets me ride around on her shell. As we trundle along together, I feel grateful to have such a thoughtful friend. Can you think of a kind thing to do?

Draw a picture

 Giving people gifts you’ve made shows them that you have been thinking about them. If you don’t like drawing, you could find them a pretty leaf or interesting stone next time you’re at the park.

Spend time together (if you can!)

As my bat friends would say, there’s nothing quite as nice as just hanging around with your loved ones. You might not be able to spend time with everyone you’d like to, but do enjoy the people who are right there with you. Go somewhere together, play a game or just sit really near each other on the sofa and have a chat (that’s my favourite).

Give hugs

It’s always good to ask a person if they want a hug first – and if they say yes, then dive right in.  We can’t snuggle up with everyone we want to right now, but soon we will be able to do it again – and just imagine how many cuddles we’ll have stored up by then!

So, show some love today! 

And always remember that there are people (and animals) out there who feel warm and fuzzy when they think about you too. And one of those people (and animals) is me!

Stay fantastic,

Banjo x

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