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Banjo Magic: How Banjo can help with bullies

It is wonderful to know that our little ones feel safe in the knowledge that Banjo is always kind and loves them. However, we also know that out in the world children can experience an awful time if they are bullied or even exposed to others being bullied. 

As parents it is an incredibly difficult situation and as we want to be able to help our children in any way that we can. 

Here at Banjo we have been thinking about how Banjo Magic can help your little one if they are experiencing bullying:

What would Banjo do?

We know that Banjo is incredibly kind and will always support all his friends. But often there are times when Banjo may not meet a very nice person. What would Banjo do? We know that he is a fearless cat that travels the globe and experiences a lot so we know that he will stick up for himself but in a kind way. Maybe by saying something like, ‘That isn’t a nice thing to say’ or ‘you’re hurting my feelings a little bit’ will make the little one realise that they can say something back to the bully, without hurting them too. We want our little Banjo fans to still be kind but also know when something is wrong.

Using the power of the PS

Perhaps if your child is being very quiet, they may not want to talk to you directly. Using the power of the PS message means you can ask questions as Banjo and support as much as you can. Encourage them to read the PS by themselves maybe? 

Banjo toys for quiet time

Sometimes when your little one is feeling vulnerable and sad, they may just want a quiet cuddle from Banjo. Our soft toys are great gifts and it may even encourage them to talk to the toy. Please let your little one know that Banjo absolutely believes them and will do anything to support them. When looking into anti-bullying resources for our research, we discovered that the number one issue which children worried  about was that their parents may not believe them. With this in mind, we must reassure them as much as possible, this will help them confide in you and Banjo even more.

Being creative with Banjo

Sometimes our little ones don’t want to talk about what is bothering them. You run the risk of them bottling up if you ask too many questions, so why not get creative together? See if you can get them to write a story about talking to Banjo about how they are feeling. Or drawing a picture of how they’re feeling at the moment whilst on a trip with Banjo? There’s so much you can do creatively with them and that may distract them enough to start talking about whatever problem they are experiencing.

Banjo’s anti-bullying printable

We all want to encourage our children to treat others with respect and kindness, to stand up for their friends, and to share difficulties with a trusted adult. We’ve put together this print-at-home poster for your child to read, decorate and display proudly too. 

Other useful resources:


BBC Bullying Resources 

Young Minds

Children 1st

We hope that you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to share any blog ideas with us about how we can keep the Banjo magic alive with your little one. Check out our other Banjo Magic blogs here

Remember to talk about Banjo with them, encourage them to find out where Banjo is travelling to. You can also follow Banjo’s Spotify account and have a boogie together, as if Banjo is actually right there with you! We’ll be adding some Christmas tunes REALLY soon!

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Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x

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