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Banjo Magic: Banjo LOVES Music!

Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing ideas about how Banjo can help you at home and also help your little one every day. One of the things we have mentioned in our other Banjo Magic blogs is how important music is. Through music, children can invent games, songs, and stories that help them express their feelings! Here are some easy ideas that can help harness the love of sharing music with your family:

Grab anything you can!

Pop to the kitchen and grab a wooden spoon, some pans and get BANGING! Why not follow each other around the room copying each other? Banjo loves to have fun with his friends like this!

Watch some musicals

Have a look at our recent blog about family friendly musicals. Ignite the love of music with your family but taking them to see a show and all the music live! And if you can’t get to the theatre, download a musical film. There are so many great ones to choose from!


Banjo has a Spotify playlist for pretty much every country he visits! By playing this as your little one is reading their Banjo letter, this will just add to the fun, and will encourage them to think about (and ask more questions about!) where Banjo is! We’ve also added some fun playlists like Banjo’s travelling playlist, festive tunes and a dancing playlist.. Check them out here and get ready for a boogie! 

Join a music club

Your little one may be too young to start playing an instrument but there are plenty of music groups where they can learn about music, dancing and exploring noise, so encourage them to go along. This would be a great opportunity to make friends too and we know that Banjo loves making friends!

Have a disco!

Turn down the lights, line up an awesome playlist and get ready for a kitchen disco! Act silly, throw some shapes and watch as your little one gets more and more confident. A wonderful way to spend the afternoon! 

Remember to talk about Banjo with your child and encourage them to find out where Banjo is travelling to. Also, don’t forget that we’ve launched Banjo’s new and exclusive Travel Treats Rewards programme. Join up to complete fun tasks, earn points and receive fantastic, FREE prizes! Check it out for guaranteed extra Banjo magic! 


Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x