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Banjo’s Festive Features: Family Friendly Musicals

Next in our series of Christmas blogs, we are exploring the magical world of musicals! What’s not to love? Dancing, singing and (normally!) a lot of laughs all add up to a wonderful slice of escapism for the holiday season. Check out our top six family-friendly musicals and where they’re currently being shown:


Discover the untold story of the witches of Oz at London’s West End with your little ones! So many songs and lots of dancing from the people of Oz. They will love it! 

The Lion King

This Disney classic is absolutely SPECTACULAR! All the amazing costumes along with the fantastic storyline will keep your little ones glued to their seats. All the memorable songs are played too and we challenge you not to sing along! Book your tickets now


Another Disney musical has come to the West End and this is not failing to disappoint. Follow Anna and Elsa with lots of new songs alongside your favourites from the movie. Like all Disney musicals, this is absolutely breathtaking and you’ll love it from start to finish. Get your tickets here

School of Rock

This absolutely ROCKING musical was made famous by the film starring Jack Black. Since then Andrew Lloyd Webber’s fun masterpiece has been going from strength to strength and is now on tour in the UK. You can buy your tickets here but, BE WARNED! Your little one may want to buy a drum set after seeing it!


There’s no way that we could talk about wonderful musicals without mentioning Roald Dahl’s Matilda. This feel good musical adaption is so clever and the use of stage and props really brings it to life. Definitely one for all your little budding readers

Mary Poppins

Our final Disney musical is Mary Poppins and is currently on in the West End in London. With lots of amazing numbers from ‘Chim chim cher-ee’ to ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’, the kids will want to dance along in the aisles! 

We hope that this blog has given you even more ideas of festive things to enjoy with the family. Remember to check out our educational board games, Christmas jokes, Christmas films blog, Family Christmas trips blog, Christmas books blog and Christmas gift guide too for lots of inspiration this Christmas. 

Stay festive and FANTASTIC!

Lots of love, 

Banjo HQ x

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