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Quick and Tasty Halloween Recipes

Halloween is fast approaching and here at Banjo HQ we’re already dreaming of all the spooky snacks we’ll be eating on Sunday. We’ve been sharing some of our favourite quick Halloween recipes with each other that we’ll be making over the weekend and naturally, we decided to share them with you too! 

Incredibly tasty and super quick to whip up (for those of us that are tired from a long week at work), these treats will surely make you go “YUM!” instead of “YIKES!” this Halloween. 

1. Spooky Banana Ghosts

Now, this is probably the simplest and quickest spooky (and healthy!) recipe on our list. The base of this treat are bananas and chocolate chips! 

If you want to keep it super simple, you can just peel a bunch of bananas and cut off their tips. Take some chocolate chips and place them on the bananas to make eyes and a spooked mouth for your banana ghost. That’s it, super simple, isn’t it? 

Want to make it a tad fancier? Here are our favourite takes on this Halloween classic: 

Graveyard Banana Ghosts 

Frozen Banana Ghosts

2. Chocolate Bat Biscuits

Bats and Halloween go hand in hand. Add chocolate and biscuits into the mix and you have a delicious spooky and quick Halloween recipe on your hands! 

This simple recipe takes only 20 minutes to make and makes 30 biscuits which is the perfect amount to enjoy with your family and share with trick or treaters! 

See full recipe

3. Jack’O’Lantern Dipper Peppers

Very simple and quick to make, taking only 20 minutes to prepare these jack-o-lantern peppers are the perfect way to serve your dips on Halloween!

You’ll need:

Prep Time: 

4. Broom Cheese Sticks

We can’t possibly make a bat-themed snack for Halloween and not do a witch-themed one, right? And with these simple and tasty broom cheese sticks, you’ll be sure to munch on them the whole day. So, be sure to make loads! 


Prep time: 

5. Spookily Healthy Halloween Pizzas

This is a quick Halloween recipe that will make you run screaming by how healthy it is for a pizza! As per all our previous snack ideas, it’s also super quick to make, only taking 30 minutes to do and guaranteed to be very SPOOKY and tasty. 

The base recipes guides you into making spider shapes on the pizza but feel free to get creative with your spooky pizza decorations. Maybe use eggs or mozzarella to make a scared face? Tomatoes and triangles of cheese to make a vampire’s mouth? What can you come up with?

Find full recipe here 

We hope you’ll have a scarily tasty Halloween by following these quick recipe ideas. Banjo would love to see how you get on making them so make sure to share photos of your results on Instagram and Facebook and tag us with #bemorebanjo! 

Banjo Team x

P.S.: Are you expecting trick or treaters this weekend? Print out and colour in Banjo’s Pumpkin poster to let trick or treaters know you are taking part in the Halloween festivities! Get yours here.

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