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New Year’s Eve Indoor Activities With The Kids

It’s been a strange old year (again!) and we know that having an extra-special night this New Year’s Eve will help us all look forward to a brighter 2022. We started thinking, how can we make NYE even more magical for our little ones? Here are a few ideas that will make the celebrations last even longer: 

Building a fort/den

Grab as many cushions and blankets as you can and get cuddled up! Do you have torches? Maybe sit underneath and tell each other stories or even chat about what was your favourite moment in 2021! Having these special moments with your kids are so important and what a better way to end 2021. It may even make them fall asleep a little earlier too!

Printable activities (Weekly Meows)

We have TONS of free resources available for you with the weekly meow so, print them off or show them on your tablet to your little ones. Sit with them and help get their creative imagination flowing! You may even have some awesome new artwork from them that you can frame as a memento of New Years Eve 2021.

Indoor confetti

Grab some coloured paper (leftover Christmas wrapping is perfect!),, a hole punch or even just some scissors and start making your own indoor confetti. You can put them in jars, tupperware containers, anything really and get ready to throw it all up in the air when midnight comes! Make sure you have the vacuum handy though for afterwards…

Movie night

We LOVE a good movie night at Banjo HQ and have a lot of family-friendly recommendations so check them out in our blogs! If you’re still in the festive mood, check out our Christmas films blog, or hunt around for a great series of films or programmes that they want to watch, grab some popcorn and snuggle up for a lovely night in.

Glow sticks/silly glasses/costumes/music

Make the night FUN! Get silly with any costumes you have lying around, glow sticks, silly glasses, whatever really! Pop the music on (check out Banjo’s Spotify playlist here for some SUPER tunes!) and have a kitchen disco. They’ll love that everyone has become very silly and it’ll make the night so much more fun.

Get cooking!

Kids love to get creative in the kitchen, so why not ask them what they’d like to make for dinner? It’ll make them feel really special knowing that you’ll all be eating that yummy meal later! We’ve posted a lot of food blogs this year, but our favourite is here – there’s so much to choose from! 

Donation of toys 

Now that they’ve been given new presents, ask your kids if they would like to donate any of their old toys. Go through this with them and explain that there are little girls and boys without any toys who would love to enjoy their donations. This will really help them to understand the importance of kindness and giving to others that are less fortunate. It’s a lovely lesson to start 2022 (but, be prepared, they might not want to part with much at first!). 

New Year Wish List

Get a pen and paper and see what they’d like to happen in 2022! You might be surprised with how simple the requests can be but, it’ll give you a great reference of things you can do together as a family. Also, you can manage their expectations if something is a little out of your reach (Maybe a unicorn would be tricky – but how about trying horse riding or visiting a farm?!). 

Make a movie!

Why not pop on some costumes and see if they want to make a mini movie? This will really help with their confidence and imagination and it’ll be lovely seeing the whole family working together! Plus, it’ll be fantastic blackmailing material when they’re a little older!

Balloon popping on the hour

Depending on how late you want them to stay up, you can blow up a balloon and let the excitement build as you pop a balloon an hour leading up to the start of the new year! 

We really hope that you enjoyed our final blog of 2021. We’ve really enjoyed writing these and would appreciate any feedback about our content as we want to be able to help in any way we can! 

Happy New Year everyone!

Lots of love, 

Banjo HQ x

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