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World Food Day: Banjo’s Five Favourite Recipes for kids

Today is World Food Day and we absolutely LOVE talking about food from around the world here at Banjo HQ! From New Zealand’s yummy crayfish to soda bread from Ireland, the dishes you can discover from across the world are so unique that we’d be silly not to tell you Banjo’s favourite foods from his travels. We’ve also linked the recipe cards in one sheet too so you can make these at home! 

Vegetable Empanadas from Portugal 

These vegetable filled pastry parcels are gorgeous! Why not team them up with bifanas? These are traditional Portuguese pork sandwiches and you can find the recipe here. Maybe without the white wine though! 

Mango Lassi from India

This sweet recipe is so easy to do and the kids will (safely) love seeing the ingredients whizz together! There is so much more AMAZING food that has come from India, check out some recipes here for more cooking on World Food Day. 

Vegetarian Ceviche from Peru

This tray of vegetables is full of YUMMY flavour and so simple to do. Jamie Oliver has some peruvian recipes here but, be careful – they can be quite spicy!

Ghorayebah biscuits from Egypt

If you love almonds or pistachio then these are the biscuits for you! Really quick to do and the kids will want more and more of these! We think Banjo would love these after having a big portion of koshari first. Have a look at some other recipes here.  

Pineapple Dessert from Tanzania

This sweet fruity dessert won’t stay for very long in the fridge as we are sure it’ll get eaten by ALL the family. Why not make some flatbread first of all and have a Tanzanian feast!

We think Banjo’s simple international recipes are super tasty, so give them a go! Why not also have a look at The Little Cook Co’s website too where there are lots of free recipes for you to try with your little chef this World Food Day. 

Remember that if you subscribe to Banjo Robinson, you’ll receive a new recipe card with every letter. Keep an eye out in our blogs too for other recipes to be added soon. 

Stay FANTASTIC and make sure that you help each other with the washing up after!

Lots of love, Banjo HQ x

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