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Geography Awareness Week

This week it’s Geography Awareness Week! National Geographic created Geography Awareness Week to raise awareness to the shortage in American education and excite people about geography as both a discipline and as a part of everyday life! The Cats at Banjo HQ LOVE the awareness being raised and want to make it GLOBAL! As we’re sure you’re aware, Banjo is a globe-trotting cat and we love sharing lots of useful information with you from all over the world. If you’d like your children to learn more about geography this awareness week, we thought we’d share some resources for you:

15 Geography Facts for your kids

This website has 15 really interesting facts about geography and we even learnt a few new things! Did you know that one country contains half of the world’s lakes? Have a look at the link and find out the answer. 

National Geographic Kids

This brilliant website (and also a magazine!) has loads of information about geography that is really made simple so your little ones will understand what they’re reading. They’ve even got competitions and awesome facts about volcanoes too!

Want to win a yearly subscription to Nat Geographic Kids magazine? Ask your kiddo to draw a picture of Banjo visiting a country of their choice and share it on Facebook or Instagram using #bemorebanjo to enter! 

Geography Fun Facts Podcast

This awesome podcast has loads of different episodes about geography and fun facts about different cities and countries around the world so your little ones will learn more about the world. It’s super entertaining and very well narrated making for a very interesting listen!

You can listen to it on their website or find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and pretty much any podcasts platform out there!

Kids World Travel Guide

An amazing website filled with information about all the countries of the world, through the eyes of children! You can find fun facts, cultural insights, activities that take place in each country and much much more!

World Geography Game 

If you’re up for a bit more fun and interactiveness while helping your kids learn about geography we’ve got just the place for you. This website is filled with games that teach kids different things. From finding countries on a map to recognising flags and mountain ranges there’s loads of fun stuff to do on their website!

We hope all these resources help you have some fun learning about the world and celebrating National Geography Awareness Week this week! 

If you want to learn even more about countries and cultures, why not sign up for Banjo’s personalised letters and receive fun stories from new countries twice a month! You can even get 50% OFF a year of Banjo’s adventures with our Black Friday Deal here.

Warm wishes,

Banjo Team x