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Cheerio 2021 | A message from our Founder and CEO, Kate Boyle

It’s been a big year for Banjo Robinson (and his human friends!). Banjo’s learnt to tango in Argentina, he’s travelled on the Trans-Siberian Railway and (very nearly) climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He’s visited countries on every continent, learnt about culture, animals (and snacks) and met many of his international cousins too. 

Meanwhile, the Cats at Banjo HQ have collaborated with some brilliant brands and writers including Little Cooks, Molly Oldfield and Ben Bailey Smith. We’ve continued to work closely with our amazing writers-in-residence, Sylvia Bishop, Anna Kemp and Kit Boss, and had some superstar guests come on board too.

We sent out summer journals to over 20,000 children and shared activity books, DIY storybooks and print-at-home packs with thousands of homes around the world. This year, we were proud to publish our second story book, create a whopping 400-page wellbeing journal and share over 100 blogs about family, education and fun for our subscribers. We’ve also run a successful pilot in a handful of primary schools which we hope to be able to roll out more widely in the coming year – watch this space for more info about that coming soon!

Behind the scenes at Banjo HQ, we’ve been lucky enough to welcome some fantastic new members to our team (including baby Nina – we can’t wait to meet you!) but there have been tricky times too as we have navigated a difficult year for small businesses. The most important part of 2021 has been the wonderful support of our extended Banjo family.

Our community means the world to us – from those of you who are on your second trip around the globe with Banjo already, to those who just pop in for the occasional chat on our socials or enjoy our Weekly Meow with the kids.So, as we look forward to a happy and healthy 2022, we wish to extend our warmest thanks to our readers. As Banjo says, having adventures is great but nothing is as important as sharing them with friends.


Kate x