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Banjo Magic: Bridge the gap between letters!

One of the things we get asked most about at Banjo HQ is – how can we keep the magic going in between letters? It’s wonderful to see kids so engaged with their letters from Banjo, but we know that the couple of weeks in between can seem forever for a little one!

Here are a few tips to help you supercharge the magic of Banjo’s letters and bridge the gap between letters:

Popping a treat under the sofa!

Why not leave a note or sweet under the sofa where your child has left their reply? This could be a special treat from Banjo or from one of his animal pals at The United Paws Postal Service! It’ll really add to the magic of the whole experience, keep them talking about Banjo for days and encourage them to continue writing back!

Extra Resources

Banjo sends country-themed extra digital resources with every country that he visits. Simply keep your eyes peeled for his ‘just shipped’ emails – you can find the link to each country’s extra resources here. They’ll provide hours more fun and learning!

Weekly Meows

In our Weekly Meow, you’ll find lots of activities and challenges to complete that have been put together by your little one’s good friend Banjo. Make sure to print this off and go through all the activities together!

Banjo’s Spotify Playlists

Do you know that Banjo has a lot of playlists from the countries he’s visited? Why not make some space in the living room and have a boogey together? 

Our blogs

We have a lot of free printables in our blogs, where you can colour in Banjo, some printable books to colour in at home. There are micro adventures, All Banjo inspired to keep the magic alive! 

PS Message

In the PS message, why don’t you give your little one a challenge? Maybe ask them to read a particular book by the time the next letter comes? You can keep mentioning Banjo’s challenges to them and it’ll make them even more determined to finish it by the time the next letter arrives!

Walks to find Banjo’s friends

Why not go for a walk around your neighborhood and see how many cats you can spot? If you don’t know their names, make them up and then have your little one write a list when they get back to pop under the sofa. When the next PS reminder comes to you, have a look at the list and make sure to add it to the PS for them to know that these are indeed Banjo’s furry friends!

There are so many other magical ways to bridge the gap between letters but we think leaving things under the sofa and for them to disappear is very special for the little ones!


Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x

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