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Children’s Art Week | Free Euros Football Colouring In Sheet

It’s Children’s Art Week and here at Banjo HQ, we’ve been looking at ways that you can get creative at home and have fun with your little ones!

Children’s Art Week is run by Engage (the National Association for Gallery Education). During this time, schools, art galleries, museums and community groups are encouraged to plan and provide art activities and events with the goal of providing opportunities for children, young people and families to take part in practical activities with artists and art educators! We all know that being creative can really help with their mental health but, what else can it help with?

Gross motor skills

These are the movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso, which aid balance and coordination with our nervous system. Art activities such as painting, drawing, crafts, and scribbling encourage the connections between the brain and these muscles. Why don’t you try activities like murals, which make them stretch? Or pottery, which involves working with clay?

Fine motor skills

These involve the smaller muscles in the fingers and hands! Exercising these muscles helps with writing, tying shoelaces, turning the pages of a book, using scissors, and so much more! Try activities like drawing, scribbling, cutting with scissors (help them with this!), finger painting for little ones, face painting, or origami for older kids.

Hand-eye coordination

When drawing, painting, or doing any other intricate task, it’s our eyes that guide our hands to do the creative work! Playing with different shapes, tracing, connecting the dots, and even coloring within lines, help hand-eye coordination.

Get Creative with Banjo!

Why not print off our handy printable Euro 2020 Football colouring in sheet here, or you can buy any colouring book and grab as many different coloured pencils as you can to make your own piece of art!

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Let’s get creative with Children’s Art Week! Love, Banjo HQ x

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