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Banjo’s Summer Series: 5 ideas for fun micro adventures on your doorstep

At Banjo HQ, we relish any opportunity to sneak in a bite-sized adventure. That’s why in our Summer blog, we warmly welcome the chance to share with you some amazing mini-adventures to do right from your doorstep, or at the very least a short train or car ride away. So, in the spirit of Banjo, don your rucksack, close your front door and just do something magically adventurous on your own, with your friends or family. 

Here are our top 5 ideas for micro-adventures: 

1. Go geocaching

Do you or your kids like treasure hunts? Well, this is for you! Relatively unknown, geocaching is a magically wonderful way to explore the countryside around you whilst searching for little boxes with hidden treasures. It’s been dubbed “the world’s largest treasure hunt.” In fact, there are many geocaches hidden around the world, which Banjo could tell you all about. But for now, let’s stick to your local area. The cool Cats at Banjo HQ recommend this website to get you started.

2. Wild Camping

If you’re lucky enough to live in or near Scotland, wild camping is a great way to escape into the great outdoors for a night. Simply choose a safe spot, respect the countryside and ensure you leave the spot just as you found it. In England and Wales, you can find designated wild campsites and this blog has loads more ideas too

Our cool Cats at Banjo HQ find the following kit useful:

3. Go wild swimming

Does the thought of cold, invigorating water send shivers down your spine? It may well do, but how good does it feel during and after you’ve done it? Just like wild camping, this too comes with a caveat. Research carefully where you go. Ensure there are enough safety measures around you like lifeguards, check the tidal flows and safety in numbers. Check out our blog for some great ideas for British beaches or this wild swimming page if you’re feeling adventurous (warning this page does contain some nudity!). Above all please do be safe.

4. See the stars

This is one of Banjo’s favourite things to do around the world! Walk, cycle or drive to a hilltop at sunset and wait for night’s sky to shine. Be sure to wait for a clear night and take a flask of tea to keep you nice and toasty. There are six UK National Parks that have been designated “Dark Sky Reserve status.” These include Exmoor, Brecon Beacons, Moore’s Reserve in the South Downs, Snowdonia, North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales. How lucky are we? You can find a map showing dark sky discovery sites around the UK.

We hope you’ll find these pocket-sized adventure recommendations, the cat’s whiskers like we do at Banjo HQ, and if you’re looking for even more options, check out Day Out With The Kids or our Summer beach blog for loads more great fun near you! There’s also a great source of information available from the master of Micro Adventures, Alastair Humphreys.

5. Jump on the train for 30 minutes and find your way home

Now there’s an idea! You can do this day adventure either by bike or on foot and increase the distance accordingly. Be sure to have your phone fully charged and take a backup explorer map in case you run out of batteries. There’s something so satisfying about navigating your way home. Experience the feeling of a great explorer just miles from your doorstep! Banjo would be so, so proud of you!

Have a PAWfect Summer, Banjo HQ x

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