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7 creative activities to enjoy this summer

With many of us changing our plans for the summer holidays, we’re starting to think about how to occupy the kids now that home school will soon be behind us. Here are 7 creative activities which are sure to keep the kids happy over the coming weeks, whatever your budget. We might not be able to go away this summer, but with a bit of inspiration, our children’s imaginations can take us anywhere. Enjoy the ride! 

Draw inspiration from your favourite children’s illustrators

Check the websites of your kids’ favourite illustrators as they often post art demonstrations and workshops.  Much-loved children’s writer and illustrator Nick Sharratt has some great short drawing videos on his site. 

Grab your dancing shoes!

World-leading dance organisation Sadler’s Wells has developed a wonderful series of family dance workshops and there are ten mini-classes to choose from. 

Theatre in the living room

Lots of lively kids’ shows have been made available online for a fraction of the price of a family ticket. Why not visit the theatre in your living room with this colourful production of children’s classic The Wind in the Willows. There’s even a free activity pack on the site too.  

Language lessons

Get your children learning new language skills with the BBC’s award winning, comprehensive learning programme, MUZZY. They offer French, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian and Chinese. 

Learn an instrument (virtually!)

There are some excellent, free tuition videos on YouTube but if you want to start introducing music to your kids before committing to music lessons, there are heaps of great apps out there for them to try out. How about starting with experts Nancy and Randall Faber and their  Piano Adventures Player app? If they’re keen, why not let them take their skills to the next level with fantastic Yousician app?  

Days out- at home!

For those days when you’re missing getting out and about- explore this brilliant selection of virtual museum tours.

Befriend Banjo Robinson

Finally- if you haven’t already, why not join Banjo as he travels round the world? 

Wherever Banjo goes, he sends his little human friends a letter (written with the help of one of our excellent Writers in Residence- celebrated children’s authors Anna Kemp and Sylvia Bishop), a local recipe, a selection of stickers and a colouring-in sheet. He also sends some beautiful blank stationery, to encourage the child to write back. And they do!

To add to the magic, you can also join in with our Holidays at Home series which you and your family can use to bring the excitement of worldwide travel to your living rooms. Planning a quick route around a faraway country is lots of fun! You can include traditional foods, games, challenges (write a haiku in Japan, or build the Eiffel Tower from LEGO in France!) and even create your own playlist for the occasion.  This week, Banjo’s in China- follow the link for some gorgeous printables which will take you there too!

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