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Holidays at home with Banjo: China!

Banjo is over in China this week and his new panda friend Li Jie takes him on an adventure, including exciting visits to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. No wonder he builds up quite an appetite for banana fritters! Print out our Holidays at Home activity sheets to bring China to life, at home, this weekend. While you’re at it, why not…

watch this cute video about China?
or you could learn some basic phrases together with this fun song!
explore China up close, by checking out these beautiful photos.

Chinese dragon mask

Chinese New Year isn’t until February, but you can still have a Chinese themed party, at home, over the summer holidays. Print out this dragon mask and your little one will be all set!

Banjo Robinson Chinese dragon mask printable.

Noodle maze

Enjoy this printable noodle maze with your little one today- just follow the noodles to see who will get the broccoli!

Banjo Robinson Chinese themed brain teaser printable.

Make your own Chinese lanterns!

Use coloured paper (wrapping paper will do!) to make this lovely Chinese lantern with you child. You can even make a few and string them up around the house or garden!

Banjo Robinson Chinese paper lantern printable.

Step-by-step panda illustration guide

Do you know how to draw a panda? You will soon! Follow our easy step-by-step guide with your child and celebrate these gorgeous creatures!

Banjo Robinson panda illustration guide printable.

While you might not be able to get away (for real) this summer, you can still have lots of fun with Banjo’s holidays at home China edition (and our other Hols at Home features, here!).

Join the Banjo community on Instagram and Facebook and let us know how you get on. What else have you and your kids discovered about this amazing country?

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