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Banjo Magic: Building Banjo’s Universe

We bet that you get asked a lot of questions about the world that surrounds Banjo, as young, exquisite minds will often want to know more about their furry friend! So we thought we would list a few fun ways that you can use to help build the magic behind Banjo’s character:

Talk about Banjo’s friends that live near you

Explore your local area and mention other animals that Banjo may know! Perhaps you’ve got a pet at home who knows Banjo very well? Why not leave a present from Banjo to your little one in their bed to add to the magic and say it was delivered by one of his friends? Could your child speak to another family member from a different household who happens to know Banjo from years ago? You can create a real backstory for Banjo with real life experiences!

Why does Banjo look so different to other cats with his star round his eye and his bandage on his tail?

Banjo doesn’t have an injury, don’t worry! When he was a kitten, he tied a little bandage around his tail to remind him that it was there (otherwise, he kept getting it trapped in things or tripping other animals over with it). Banjo is a very clever cat, but even clever cats forget about their tails sometimes! Once the bandage was in place, Banjo was given a neck cone to wear, to stop him pulling it off. And even though it was a bit uncomfortable at first, it made him feel different and special. Once he got used to it, he actually felt very important when he had it on. Now and again, when he is getting ready to go on a new adventure, he fishes the cone out of his backpack and pops it on.  How smart he looks in it!  How sophisticated!  When other animals might wear a fancy hat or sparkly collar, Banjo grabs his lovely big neck cone- just because he likes it. And his star? Lots of cats have interesting markings – from tabby rosettes to little white socks. Banjo’s star is just like those – a unique and beautiful pattern on his fur which he’s had ever since he was a tiny kitten. Banjo loves his star – and was delighted to find out that his international cat cousins all have them too!

What was Banjo’s childhood like and where are his parents?

Banjo grew up at the Robinson Street Shelter. He doesn’t remember anything before life at the shelter and his family are all the other animals who live there too. They all look after each other and he is very loved. If you look back far enough, most of us have family somewhere else in the world! Way in the past, Banjo’s cat relatives migrated to loads of different countries. So far, Banjo knows about 42 distant relatives who are scattered around the globe- and there are probably more to discover too!

Banjo’s travels

Have a look here and discover where Banjo is in the world before the letter arrives or even after the letter arrives. You can do some research together about where in the world he is and could even get your little one to write this in their reply. What is the culture like there? What is it like for men, women and children? What food do they eat? Do they have a lot of animals? Build the universe around Banjo even more by exploring where he’s visiting!


We have so many playlists on Spotify with music from where he’s been and a travelling playlist too. Why not try and dance the way you think Banjo would dance? Or you could immerse yourself in his current destination through music and dance. Your little ones will love to have a good old boogie round the kitchen, whilst thinking about what Banjo could be up to!

PS Personalisation

This is where the personalisation in the PS message is SO important when it comes to building Banjo’s universe. Try and keep the same tone that is in Banjo’s letter and be sure to ignite their imagination with the message you write. Have a look at this blog so you can super charge your message, along with examples too.

We know that there are probably a lot more awkward questions that get asked so, please have a look at our FAQs where you can find plenty of other answers!

Remember to keep asking them questions about Banjo too – you are such an important part of Banjo’s universe and can help keep the magic element alive for your little ones!


Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x

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