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Most Asked FAQs

If you would like to upgrade your subscription to a 6 or 12 month package, please email us at and we will update your account to reflect the new subscription length.

You can keep up to date with Banjo’s postal dates here, so that you always know when to expect his next special delivery!

The starter pack includes a big, beautiful world map poster, stickers and a personalised letter from Banjo Robinson (explaining that he’s about to go on a grand world tour!). Then, twice a month, Banjo sends personalised letters full of fun, stickers, colouring activities, stationery and surprises from fascinating locations across the globe.

Please visit our Subscriptions page for more detail.

Please use the ‘Forgot my Password’ function on the ‘Account login‘ page.


Banjo is aimed at children between the ages of 4-9 but can be enjoyed by anyone who loves magic and adventure! We are proud to say that our product is fully aligned with the KS1 English National Curriculum and with areas of KS1 Geography, History, Languages and Art. Depending on your child’s reading and writing ability, you may wish to start off by reading the letters to them and drawing Banjo replies. As their skills develop, they can start to read Banjo’s letters for themselves and write their own letters back to him.

The only product element that is currently non-recyclable is the sticker sheet. We are working hard to find a recyclable solution for this.

Banjo’s letters and creative activities are developed by teachers, written by children’s authors and curriculum aligned. They cover all key aspects of Key Stage 1 English and many aspects of Key Stage 1 Geography, History, Languages and Arts. Letters from Banjo support a love of reading and writing, stimulate curiosity about the world and encourage empathy, creativity and communication. The letters empower children to become confident readers, writers and creative thinkers, all from the comfort of your own home. The personalised aspect makes children feel special and naturally stimulates excitement and engagement around learning.

Find out more here.

There are 24 countries on Banjo’s map for him to explore with you!

Yes you can, simply follow this link to download and print out more reply sheets for your child/ren to write back to Banjo!


Reply letters should not be posted back to us; we hope that you will keep these as mementos of your child’s first writing! The premise of the posting the reply letter under the sofa is that, using ‘cat stamps’ from the sticker sheet, your pet or an animal on the street will collect the letter from under your sofa and deliver it back to Banjo (much like how the tooth fairy works!).

If you go to the Banjo Tracker page on the website, you will see the date when the next letter will be posted.

Yes, Banjo can address the letter to two children. When you are asked to enter the child’s first name, you would enter them both instead (e.g. Gina + Tim). There is only one second name field, so this must remain the same for both children.

When you get to the checkout screen, please enter the code on the right hand side where it says: ‘Have a discount code? Enter it here’.

If you would like to change your subscription when it is time to renew, please email us at and we can update your account to reflect the new subscription length.

Please go to our website and login, then click ‘Manage Subscription’ and on the right side you will find the ‘Cancel’ link.

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Please use the ‘Forgot my Password’ function on the ‘Account login‘ page.

You can change your details in the ‘Account’ section of our website. Login and click ‘Manage Subscription’. For ‘Delivery Address’ changes click the ‘Personalise this Order’ button and scroll down to ‘Shipping Details’. For ‘Billing Address’ changes please click ‘Billing Information’ on the left side and then click ‘edit’ under the billing address.


Yes, he does! Banjo can send his letters to the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Additional shipping costs will be added during checkout to UK, Europe & International orders.

Please email us at

Answering your kids

Banjo’s birthday is on August 26th. He always turns 12 years old.

Banjo doesn’t have an injury, don’t worry! When he was a kitten, he tied a little bandage around his tail to remind him that it was there (otherwise, he kept getting it trapped in things or tripping other animals over with it). Banjo is a very clever cat, but even clever cats forget about their tails sometimes!

In Banjo’s world, animals don’t need to wear clothes, but they sometimes enjoy accessorising with things like hats, bags and glasses. Banjo also likes to wear a pair of little grey shoes on his back legs so he can stand up on them and walk through any terrain.

Banjo would love to visit his pen pals but he’s just so busy travelling around the world that he hasn’t had time yet! He has already planned which countries he’s going to visit and, apparently, he’s busy for the next 18 months!

So far, Banjo has only planned the first 24 destination of his world tour, as those are the places where he has distant relatives!

A long time ago, Banjo was given a neck cone to wear, to stop him pulling off his bandage. Even though it was a bit uncomfortable at first, it made him feel different and special. Once he got used to it, he actually felt very important when he had it on. Now and again, when he is getting ready to go on a new adventure, he fishes the cone out of his backpack and pops it on.  How smart he looks in it!  How sophisticated!  When other animals might wear a fancy hat or sparkly collar, Banjo grabs his lovely big neck cone – just because he likes it. 

Banjo grew up at the Robinson Street Shelter. He doesn’t remember anything before life at the shelter and his family are all the other animals who live there too. They all look after each other and he is very loved.

If you look back far enough, most of us have family somewhere else in the world! Way in the past, Banjo’s cat relatives migrated to loads of different countries. So far, Banjo knows about 42 distant relatives who are scattered around the globe- and there are probably more to discover too!

His favourite type of food is dessert and his favourite type of dessert is PROFITEROLES. Luckily his best friend Claude is a chef, so Banjo knows all about healthy eating too!

Lots of cats have interesting markings – from tabby rosettes to little white socks. Banjo’s star is just like those – a unique and beautiful pattern on his fur which he’s had ever since he was a tiny kitten. Banjo loves his star – and was delighted to find out that his international cat cousins all have them too!

Banjo is very keen on looking after our planet Earth, and so he always makes sure to travel in the most eco-conscious way he can. He only takes long-haul flights when he absolutely has to (and when he does, he might ask to sit on someone’s lap so that he doesn’t take up any extra room). He loves bicycles, scooters, skateboards, buses, boats, rollerskates and trains the best though he won’t say no to a lift in an electric car or on the back of a big animal too sometimes. He leaves plenty of time between destinations so that his journeys aren’t rushed, and he can sometimes be spotted travelling via hot air balloon, submarine or upon an eagle’s wing if no other options are available.

Goodbyes are never easy, but we know that sometimes Banjo’s correspondence with his penpals’ must come to an end. Perhaps your little one has finished their map or they’re too busy sniffing out adventures of their own! If this day comes, we have a lovely letter template from Banjo that you can access and print here – so your little one knows that Banjo will always be their fond friend!

Alternatively, here are a couple of example PS messages which you could adapt for your child’s final letter: 

1. If you have been with Banjo for a while: Did you know, <name>, that I have absolutely LOVED writing to you? And can you believe that you’ve been in my thoughts ALL the way around the world? I always suspected that you were a brave adventurer – and now I know it’s true! Please keep reading, keep writing and promise me that you’ll keep using your amazing imagination: you can go anywhere in the universe with that! Thank you for being my friend x

2. If you have been with Banjo for a short time: PS I have had such fun writing to you <name>! I hope that you will keep reading, writing and using your gigantic imagination: you can go anywhere in the world with that! Thank you for being my friend x