Do I need to fill out all the personalisation data before I will receive my letters? 
Yes, we cannot start your Banjo Robinson subscription until the personalisation details have been provided as they are critical to the content of Banjo’s letters and your child’s enjoyment!  You should have added these details when you subscribed or redeemed your gift and activated your account.  If you would like to edit your personalisation information, please do so via the My Account function on our website.  

What will come in each pack?  
Your child will receive a big, beautiful map when they start their journey with Banjo. Then twice a month, Banjo sends a real, personalised letter, stickers, colouring activities, stationery and surprises from fascinating places around the globe.  Banjo’s letters inspire reading, writing and imagination amongst his friends.

How do I know if my child will enjoy letters from Banjo?
Banjo is aimed at children between 5-8 years old, however he has pen pals as young as 4 and as old as 11 that he writes to. Depending on the reading ability of your child you may need to start off by reading the letters to them. Equally if they are just beginning to learn how to write they can start off by drawing him a picture and then progress to writing to him as their skills progress. If they like writing to Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy, Banjo‘s will make a great pen pal!

Do you have any products for children over 8?  
We are currently developing an offering for over 8s but won’t have that ready until sometime next year. We would love to have our parent community participate in helping us develop this offering, if you are interested, please email us at heythere@banjorobinson.com

I forgot my password, what should I do? 
Please go to our website and use the forgot my password function in the My Account login.

Does Banjo deliver letters abroad? 
Yes, he does!

When will I start to get my letters? 
Banjo sends letters twice a month, so you will receive your first introduction pack and letter between one – three weeks after placing your order, and then you will receive two letters a month thereafter. If you would like more information on Banjo’s travel schedule, please click here to see where he is! https://www.banjorobinson.com/where-is-banjo/

How do I add a PS message?
You simply need to log into your account and click ‘Personalise this order’ to add a PS to your next letter. 

If you’re temporarily unable to click on the button to personalise your message, it is because between 8am + 8pm on two Mondays a month, Banjo is typing out your letter, so you can’t edit it.  Please contact us at heythere@banjorobinson.com or via the messenger on the site to check if you’re having any issues.

Can Banjo write to 2 children in the same letter?
Yes, Banjo can address the letter to two children. 

I haven’t received my letters yet, what should I do? 
Please double check that you have entered all of your child’s details and that the address is correct in the My Account/Personalise Data section of our website.  If it’s OK, please send your inquiry to heythere@banjorobinson.com.  In the event of postal non delivery, Banjo has a cat friend who will send a one-off letter to make sure none of his pen pals miss out!

Do you have a refer-a-friend programme?
Yup, coming soon! You’ll see something on our website shortly!

How do I cancel my subscription?  
You can cancel your subscription in the My Account section of our website.