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Most Asked FAQs

Thankfully, the postal service has remained open for business during this time and so Banjo can continue to send his letters, twice a month! We are, however, in some instances experiencing some delays in receiving Banjo’s deliveries. We appreciate your patience at this time and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The starter pack includes a big, beautiful world map poster, stickers and a personalised letter from Banjo Robinson (explaining that he’s about to go on a grand world tour!). Then, twice a month, Banjo sends personalised letters full of fun, stickers, colouring activities, stationery and surprises from fascinating locations across the globe.

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Please go to our website and use the ‘Forgot my Password’ function on the Account login page.


Banjo is aimed at children between the ages of 5-8 but can be enjoyed by anyone who loves magic and adventure! We are proud to say that our product is fully aligned with the KS1 English National Curriculum and with areas of KS1 Geography, History, Languages and Art. Depending on your child’s reading and writing ability, you may wish to start off by reading the letters to them and drawing Banjo replies. As their skills develop, they can start to read Banjo’s letters for themselves and write their own letters back to him.

The only product element that is currently non-recyclable is the sticker sheet. We are working hard to find a recyclable solution for this.

Banjo’s letters and creative activities are developed by teachers, written by children’s authors and curriculum aligned. They cover all key aspects of Key Stage 1 English and many aspects of Key Stage 1 Geography, History, Languages and Arts. Letters from Banjo support a love of reading and writing, stimulate curiosity about the world and encourage empathy, creativity and communication. The letters empower children to become confident readers, writers and creative thinkers, all from the comfort of your own home. The personalised aspect makes children feel special and naturally stimulates excitement and engagement around learning.

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Reply letters should not be posted back to us; we hope that you will keep these as momentos of your child’s first writing! The premise of the posting the reply letter under the sofa is that, using ‘cat stamps’ from the sticker sheet, your pet or an animal on the street will collect the letter from under your sofa and deliver it back to Banjo (much like how the tooth fairy works!). You can reply to any questions your child asks via the PS mechanism on your customer portal.

You will receive your starter pack between one – three weeks after filling in your personalisation details on your customer portal. Banjo cannot send any letters until these details have been added. Hereafter, you will receive two letters a month. If you go to the Banjo Tracker page on the website, you will see the date when the next letter will be posted.

Yes, Banjo can address the letter to two children. When you are asked to enter the child’s first name, you would enter them both instead (e.g. Gina + Tim). There is only one second name field, so this must remain the same for both children.

The PS message is a way to further personalise your child’s letters. You can use the PS mechanism to answer any questions your little one asks in their reply to Banjo or to send messages of love and encouragement to them from Banjo! You simply need to log into your account and click the ‘Personalise this Order’ button to add your PS.

When you get to the checkout screen, please enter the code on the right hand side where it says: ‘Have a discount code? Enter it here’.

If you would like to change your subscription when it is time to renew, please email us at and we can update your account to reflect the new subscription length.

Please go to our website and login, then click ‘Manage Subscription’ and on the right side you will find the ‘Cancel’ link.

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My Account

Please go to our website and use the ‘Forgot my Password’ function on the ‘Account login‘ page.

You can change your details in the ‘Account’ section of our website. Login and click ‘Manage Subscription’. For ‘Delivery Address’ changes click the ‘Personalise this Order’ button and scroll down to ‘Shipping Details’. For ‘Billing Address’ changes please click ‘Billing Information’ on the left side and then click ‘edit’ under the billing address.


Yes, he does! Banjo can send his letters anywhere in the world.

UK delivery costs are included in the subscription price. International delivery charges are extra and the cost varies depending on where the letters are being sent. Your shipping costs will be calculated at checkout when you enter your shipping address.

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