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Banjo Magic: How Banjo can help in the holidays

With the kids now back at school, half term and (dare we say it..?) Christmas break around the corner parents are asking us; how can Banjo help us during the holidays? In this week’s series of Banjo Magic, we look at ways that Banjo can give you a helping hand and maybe even spare you five minutes to make a cuppa! 

Here are some ideas of how Banjo can help:

Grab a pencil and paper and get writing (or drawing)!

You can get your little one to write to Banjo whenever you like! We have extra reply sheets here but, even if it means them drawing their favourite animal or a portrait of Banjo, it means they’re getting creative! Get their creative juices flowing by encouraging them to write (or draw) to Banjo throughout the holidays – not just when they receive a special letter from their penpal in the post! 

Helping you around the house

Do you think maybe you’d like a little help with tidying perhaps? Or maybe that your little ones would get out of the bath a little quicker? Then why not mention Banjo! Now, we know that Banjo is a magic traveller who absolutely loves your little ones, so we definitely don’t want them to be wary of Banjo in any way. But, by saying things like ‘Oh, do you think Banjo would leave the cupboard door open?’ or ‘Banjo might not have three bags of crisps!’ it might help them make better choices and help you get closer to that lovely cuppa!

Blogs and resources

Now, it seems that in every Banjo Magic blog we mention the blogs and resources that are readily available for you but we REALLY think that they will help. If you’re perhaps having your little ones being looked after by a friend or family member, why not check out our blogs for inspiration or download some of our printable activities to keep them engaged and entertained while they’re away from home!

Get outdoors and get EXPLORING! 

We know that Banjo loves trotting around the globe but why not make your own micro adventure and have a look around your local area. Where would Banjo go exploring? When you get home, your little one will have a LOT of interesting things that they’ve seen that they will be able to write to Banjo about!

Ask Banjo to give them a project!

Why not use the PS message to suggest a project that you would like your little one to do? ‘Why don’t you read a book a day this half term and then tell me all about it?’ or ‘I would be so impressed if you wrote a journal entry every day! Let me know how it goes!’ Banjo can absolutely help in the holidays in lots of ways!

You can add a PS message to the end of every letter Banjo sends your child by logging into your account here. You can use up to 400 characters to craft a bespoke message to your child, written in the voice of Banjo! Keep an eye on your inbox too for PS reminder emails that are sent before every letter is printed and shipped.

Talk about Banjo with them, encourage them to find out where Banjo is travelling to and maybe even follow Banjo’s Spotify account and have a boogie together, as if Banjo is actually right there with you!


Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x

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