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Banjo Magic: Awkward Questions

Awkward questions from your little ones about Banjo may leave you stumped so here are some handy answers that will help to keep the Banjo Magic alive!

Where is Banjo and why hasn’t he replied to me yet?

You can find when your next letter will be posted here and you can talk to your little one about how busy Banjo is with all his travels (and that he is doing a lot of exciting things to be able to tell you all about in his next letter!). You can also have a look at our blogs where there are a lot of Banjo activities that you can do together to help the time pass quicker until the post arrives! We’ve also put together a blog about how to bridge the gap between letters here, in case you missed it.

If Banjo is in *a particular country*, why hasn’t he seen *someone you know who lives there*?

We do send out  emails that come from Banjo’s cat cousins from the country he’s visiting, but as he’s only there for a short while, they are the only cats he checks in with! Maybe you could get the person who does live there to do a quick video saying that they’ve just seen Banjo and then you can pop it into the PS message too?

Banjo didn’t answer my question in my last letter! Why?

Life can get in the way sometimes and you may miss the deadline for filling out the PS. If this happens, it might be worth popping a handwritten note (but make sure to disguise your handwriting!) or even typing out a note answering their question and pop it under the sofa! Mention that you can see something under there and watch their little faces light up! Have a look here for ways to supercharge your PS message!

Banjo and COVID

Are the kids asking what Banjo thinks of the coronavirus situation? Here’s a simple PS message which you can use to customise your next letter if you’d like to address this:

‘My doctor said I can’t catch coronavirus, but that most humans are having to do stuff differently from normal. Don’t forget to talk to your grown up if you’re worried. The important thing is that we look after each other and ourselves- that’s the Banjo way!’ 

Banjo doesn’t know to what extent his pen pals’ grown-ups want him to address big, global issues like this. Fortunately, because of his customisable PS message, they can decide for themselves how they wish to talk about it. Kids can be reassured that animals don’t need to wear facemasks which is why Banjo is not pictured in one and that he is safe to continue his travels, despite the changes that they have made in their daily lives over the last couple of years.

Why does Banjo only write twice a month to me?

Banjo is exploring the globe and finding out SO many interesting things to talk to your little one in his letters. Some of the places he goes to don’t have postboxes so, he has to look far and wide to find a postbox to send them his next letter! 

Can Banjo video call me?

Unfortunately Banjo doesn’t have his own phone. He relies on his trusty typewriter to help him to write his letters and keep in contact with his FANTASTIC penpals! 

We know that there are probably a lot more awkward questions that get asked so, please have a look at our FAQs where you can find a lot of other answers!

Remember to talk about Banjo with them, encourage them to find out where Banjo is travelling to and maybe even follow Banjo’s Spotify account and have a boogie together, as if Banjo is actually right there with you!


Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x

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