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World WellBeing Week | Get Moving to Music!

World WellBeing Week is a great time to think about all the ways in which we can promote wellness in our own families, from the emotional to the physical and everything in between. Each day this week, the team at Banjo HQ are focussing on a wellbeing theme which might be helpful for you and your little ones. 

Today we’re thinking about music (as it is also World Music Day!) and how it can affect your wellbeing and people around you! So, let’s start with a little exercise: 

Are you sitting comfortably? Okay, now close your eyes. Think of one of your favourite songs. Are you starting to tap your feet? Sing along? Now open your eyes. I bet you’re smiling, aren’t you? How HAPPY has that made you feel for such a small amount of time? Isn’t it interesting how even thinking about a particular song can bring back a special memory or make you feel happy or calm or pumped up? Music is so important when it comes to your wellbeing.

Did you know that we are born being able to tell the difference between noise and music? Research has shown that blood flows easier when music is played! It can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels and increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood. It elevates your mood! Maybe the next time that your little one is feeling stressed or sad, playing some music may be able to take them to a much happier place! 

But, what can we do at home that can bring more music into our lives? Here are some ideas from Banjo HQ:

Get up, DANCE and shake that thang!

Move to music and encourage children to use different props and body parts to express how the music made them feel. Maybe turning off the television or ipad and having a quick wiggle, will help you all connect as a family? Have they not seen Daddy’s robot dance before? No? They are in for a treat!

Sing and discuss their feelings

Have a chat with your kids and talk about how some songs make them feel happy, sad or excited. Listen to different kinds of music and talk with them about how they felt before and after listening. Sing loudly! Sing in a silly voice! Sing together! Let them explore their voices and explore the difference between songs such as the words or tempo and how the difference made them feel. 

Make your own

A pencil for a drumstick with a small box or container is all you need! Or, if you have instruments that you don’t mind them playing, let them experiment with the sounds. 

Listen to Banjo’s Playlist!

We’ve been speaking to Banjo and asking him whether he thinks music is good for his wellbeing. He said that he absolutely LOVES adding songs to his playlist as it reminds him of all the great places he’s been to around the world. He said he can’t stop smiling and singing whenever he is travelling! Feel free to add yourself to Banjo’s playlist and have a boogie around the kitchen with your little one too – you can listen to it here. Maybe you can send in a video to us and we can share it with Banjo too?

We hope that you have a wonderful World WellBeing Week and remember, if you’re struggling with your mental health, please contact The Samaritans on 116 123. Or, you can contact YoungMinds if your little one is seeking help by texting YM to 85258. Do not suffer alone. 

Love, Banjo HQ x