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World Oceans Day 2021 | Download Banjo’s free poster!

Banjo was so happy to celebrate World Oceans Day on Tuesday 8th June. His recent trip to the Indian Ocean reminded him just how special our oceans are and how many of his marine friends need to be looked after and protected by humans, in order to survive! 

Here are some fun facts about oceans that you can share with your little one:

That is pretty cool huh? Why don’t you have a look at our ocean poster and ask your child what undersea animals they can find? Can they make a list and draw them? Perhaps they can give them all names too!

Download our underwater poster here.

Banjo knows that we must protect our oceans in order to protect our Earth. It’s as simple as that! On that note – Remember to make sure that when you’re leaving beaches, that you’re picking up all your litter too! This will really help with making sure that all our lovely animal friends are ok and happy in the water.

From all of us here at Banjo HQ, Happy World Ocean Day! x

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