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World Chocolate Day!

We don’t need a reason to celebrate chocolate, but today it’s World Chocolate Day and so we’ve decided to put the spotlight on Banjo HQ’s team favourite treat!

If there ever was a day to happily treat yourself to loads of chocolaty treats, World Chocolate Day is that day! To help you celebrate and delight in this delicious treat, we’ve put together a list of our super simple and quick chocolate recipes from around the world that you can make with the family at home today: 

Brazilian Brigadeiros 

When we think about chocolate and Brazil together, the first thing that comes to mind are brigadeiros. This awesome fudgy and chocolate-y dessert is the perfect way to celebrate World Chocolate day and it’s also quick to make and a great vegetarian option.

See Banjo HQ’s favourite Brigadeiros recipe here.

Italian Torta Tenerina

The name of this italian classic translates to tender cake and it’s such a fitting name as this dessert is guaranteed to melt in your mouth! It was invented in the 1900s in Ferrara for the then queen of Montenegro and wife to italian King Vittorio Emmanuele III. 

It’s super easy to make, taking no longer than 40 minutes from start to finish and purrfectly delicious! 

See Banjo’s favourite Torta Tenerina recipe here.

French Mousse au Chocolat

This is maybe one of the absolute classics of chocolate desserts, especially if you think about France. It’s absolutely delicious (triple YUM!) and very easy to make if you have 20 minutes to spare, especially if you love creamy, rich dark chocolate!

See Banjo’s favourite Mousse au Chocolat recipe here. 

South African Malva Pudding 

This traditional South African dessert is part of our top 5 favourite chocolate dessert recipes because of its simplicity and rich taste. Malva Pudding is a sweet pudding with a caramelized exterior and spongy exterior when baked. Maximum YUM score!  

See Banjo’s favourite Malva Pudding recipe here.

Austrian Sachertorte

If you ever visit Austria, the Sachertorte is a must if you want to taste traditional cuisine. Invented in 1832 by chef Franz Sacher the Sachertorte has now become one of the most well known austrian desserts. Made out of rich chocolate and filled with apricot jam this dessert definitely gets a high YUM score.

See Banjo’s favourite Sachertorte recipe here.

So, we are off to eat a LOT of chocolate after writing this! Enjoy World Chocolate Day! x

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