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London Marathon: What else is 26.2 miles?

Today is the London Marathon and we want to wish the best of luck to all the amazing runners taking part! When talking about the route to our little ones, we realised that 26.2 miles is an unimaginably long running distance! So we started thinking, what else is 26.2 miles? 

Here’s some fun stuff that are the same length as 26.2 miles:

And finally, the Great Wall of China is a HUMONGUS 13,170.70 miles so, to run a marathon would only be running along 500th of the Great Wall of China! WOW! Why don’t you and your little one have try and think of some more?

Not only is the marathon a pretty long distance to run (we are out of breath just reading about all the fun things you would need to line up to get to 26.2 miles!), the 50,000 runners have also raised over £1 billion for charity since it started in 1981. Amazing!

If you’re watching with the kids today today, be sure to keep an eye out for runners wearing funny costumes. There are a lot of world records broken including marathon running dressed as a plant and marathon running carrying a household appliance too! It’s funny to see who you and your little one can spot.

Good luck to you all and remember, stay FANTASTIC!

Lots of love, Banjo HQ x

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