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Summer Series: Ideas for Lazy Days at Home

And just like that, the summer is over! Do you feel like it’s flown by? Here at Banjo HQ, we feel like it has and as the summer draws to a close we thought we would share some ideas for lazy days at home and how to keep the kids entertained. Why? Because us parents need a lazy day too, every now and then! Here are a few of our top ideas in the last of our Summer Series:

A movie day/night

We couldn’t not share our blog about our favourite family feel good films here. Grab the popcorn, a blanket and cuddle up with your nearest and dearest whilst you relax together for a couple of hours. Bliss!

Build a den

This could be outside or inside. Do you have any rope or string? Tie it from a chair or table to another item of furniture (make sure they’re heavy!) and then lay a blanket or sheet over this to make a den. Grab as many cushions as you can, a flashlight or even pop a lamp underneath (be careful not to burn anything!). The little ones can read, have a nap or maybe even grab an Ipad to let them watch/listen to their favourite music or tv show. You could even give them a little bowl of treats to entice them to stay in there a little longer? You’ll be able to have a cup of hot tea in no time!


Are there any birthdays or celebrations coming up? Why not grab some card, paper and pens/crayons and get crafty! You can make birthday cards, decorations or whatever you fancy! Have a look at anything that you have lying around the house and see if you can use that to make a card. You’ll be surprised at how many toilet roll holders you can use to make a caterpillar, snowman etc. Next time you’re out and about, pop into somewhere that you know does cheap crafts. On a lazy day like today, you’ll be glad you have a box of stuff for the little ones to get creative with!

Free Printables!

Have a look at all of our free printables by subscribing to the Weekly Meow (we send a bunch straight away!) or have a look through our blogs here. We have football colouring in sheets and lots of other great free resources for you!

Board Game Fun

Get out the board games! You’re bound to have a collection from over the years and it might be time to get out an old favourite for the little ones to play. Even opening up Scrabble will keep them interested and will help them learn new words too (but, maybe go easy on them and not make the words too long!) 


The British Museum has an AMAZING blog with really simple instructions (including videos) about how to do your own origami here. Let us know how you get on!

Spa Day

Make your own avocado face masks, paint each other’s nails, put cucumbers over your eyes, and enjoy a relaxing day at home! Do you have dressing gowns? Then pop them on too! This sounds like heaven to us right now!

Get outdoors!

Head out to your local park and take a relaxing walk! Being lazy doesn’t mean you have to be entirely inactive, and a walk in the park will keep you from going stir crazy too. A winner for us here at Banjo HQ!

We really hope that you’ve enjoyed our Summer Series blogs – watch this space for more tips and advice for activities with the kids during term time!

Lots of love, The Cats at Banjo HQ x