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Add some extra magic with
a Banjo soft toy for your class!

Add to the magic with this cuddly Banjo toy!

Toy dimensions approx. 22x 16x 5cm

Made of 100% recycled materials


Finished your journey?
Time for a reward!

Treat the children to a special customisable certificate as a reward for travelling the world and writing back to Banjo.


Print out and personalise a certificate for each child.

A4 | 1 sheet

Loved by parents, children & teachers

My 7 year old loves Banjo Robinson

“My 7 year old loves Banjo Robinson letters. When he received the first one he told me "this is the best day of my life!"”


100% recommend

“My daughter is 4 and absolutely loves receiving letters from Banjo. I am a teacher and would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to develop a variety of skills: writing, speaking and listening, cooking, geography, exploration and many more.”

Kate Turner

Creative, fun and educational. A MUST!!

“Creative fun and educational. Banjo is incredible. My wife and son love every letter. I cannot recommend this enough. Please give it a go, play along and you will love it!!”

Andrew Taylor