"Come to think of it… you live in < Manchester >, don't you? I know a < black cat > around that way - goes by the name of < Olive >. Maybe I'll ask < her > to bring me your letter!"

1. Banjo Robinson is a globetrotting cat – with a love of reading, writing and travel. The only thing he loves more than discovery and adventure itself is sending letters to his pen pals and getting their replies! Subscribe online and help us to personalise your child's letters with all sorts of fun details. Do you live in Buckingham Road and have a brown dog called Margot? WHAT A COINCIDENCE!! Banjo just happens to be great friends with a brown dog called Margot who lives in Buckingham Road, and he has an important job for her!

2. Your Banjo adventure begins - Look out for the introductory pack addressed to your child, with a personalised letter from Banjo explaining that he's going on a world tour, and that he’ll write again from all the places he visits. The introductory pack includes personalised stickers, country stamps, colorful writing stationery, a sketchbook page for coloring-in, plus a beautiful map-of-the-world poster for your child to keep as they follow along with Banjo’s travels.

3. And he's off! Banjo will send your child personalised letters from two exciting destinations per month, containing stickers, sketchbook pages, reply stationery – and the occasional surprise! What’s more, he’ll be meeting lots of interesting animal characters along the way… so look out for cameos from some of your children’s favorite authors!

4. Each letter is an adventure. Read it with your child and encourage them to write a reply (or draw a picture). Colourful stationery is always included, along with special cat postage stamps and ‘Par Cat Mail’ stickers for their reply envelope. Your child can collect paw print stickers to win a prize, and will love updating their map with a new Banjo Robinson country stamp each time they receive a letter.

5. The magic bit: Banjo encourages children to leave their replies under the sofa before they go to bed. Overnight, collect your child’s reply as a keepsake of their early years imagination and creativity. Check again under the sofa with your child in the morning to find that Banjo has sent one of his furry friends to collect the reply while they were sleeping!

6. You can further enhance the magic by logging into to your account and writing a tailor-made P.S. message from Banjo. This could refer to your child’s most recent reply (‘I really liked your pirate ship – I’m so glad you made it orange!’) or highlight something exciting happening in their life (‘I hear you’re going on holiday soon… remember to pack your sunglasses!’). We’ll add your message to the next letter your child receives.


If you are buying a Banjo Robinson subscription for someone else's child, we'll email their parent/guardian a gift voucher. They can use this to log onto the website and create their own account, where they will be able to personalise the letters and kick-start their child’s pen pal adventures with Banjo!