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Banjo’s Olympics Countdown: Daily Exercise Challenge

The Tokyo Olympic Games are just a few days away and Banjo and the team are SO excited to finally be able to enjoy the games after a one year delay. To celebrate the start of the Olympics, Banjo’s put together daily “Be Olympic” activities to help the kids get active like all the competing athletes while counting down the days until the Olympics start on Friday!

We’ll be adding a new “Be Olympic” challenge every morning, so make sure to check back here daily or visit Banjo’s Facebook and Instagram profiles! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures and videos too with the hashtag #BanjoBeOlympic.

Day 1 – Monday 19th of July: Star Jumps!

We’re starting Banjo’s Olympic countdown with a super easy and fun way to get active and energetic in the morning: Star Jumps! Banjo’s challenge for the kids and you is to do 10 star jumps this morning.

Banjo’s star jump tips: 

To do a star jump, stand tall with your arms by your side and knees slightly bent. Jump up, extending your arms and legs out into a star shape in the air. Land softly, with your knees together and hands by your side. 

Pretty simple and fun, right? Time to get jumping around! Play some music while you do so for extra fun and why not get the whole family involved?

Day 2 – Tuesday 20th of July: Touch your toes!

Welcome back to Banjo’s countdown activities! All Olympic athletes know how important stretching is before any form of exercise so today’s challenge is to touch your toes 10 times without bending your knees. Not sure how to do it? Banjo’s got some instructions for you. 

Banjo’s stretching tips: 

Stand in a natural position with your feet hip-width apart. Move your hips slightly back and slide your arms down your thighs and shins, toward your feet. Keeping your back straight, lower as far as you can and try to touch your toes. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat this 10 times! 

We hope you have fun with this challenge today. The kids can do it in the morning or in the afternoon before they curl up on the couch.

Day 3 – Wednesday 21st of July: Hop Around!

Today’s Olympic countdown challenge is bound to be super fun and get a few giggles from everyone while doing it! Banjo’s challenge for the day is to do 10 hops on each leg while trying to keep your balance like Olympic gymnasts.

Banjo’s hopping tip:

Have fun with it! While hopping on one leg try to jump as high as possible and then strike a landing pose like all of the very talented gymnasts we’ll be cheering for in a couple of days.

Day 4 – Thursday 22nd of July: Run on the spot!

Can you believe there’s just one day left until the Olympic Games opening night in Tokyo? Excitement is at a maximum at Banjo HQ right now. For today’s challenge, we have a classic set of quick exercises to increase energy in the mornings: running on the spot! 

Banjo’s tip for running on the spot:

You don’t have to follow these tips to the T though. Have fun with it, twirl around, do some jump squats, flail your arms, or whatever makes you laugh! Try doing it for a minute, then take a break and do it again two more times.

 Day 5 – Friday 23rd of July: Wild Dancing

Today is the day! It’s finally happening! For the last Olympic countdown challenge we will be going out with a big celebration for doing the activities and the opening ceremony: dancing around! 

Banjo’s dancing tip:

Banjo’s dancing tip is to let go. Have fun, play your favourite song, do some silly moves and just enjoy it! 

Thank you for staying with us throughout the 5 days and we hope you had fun doing Banjo’s countdown exercises every morning!

Want some more fun exercise ideas to do while we countdown to the start of the Tokyo Olympics? Check some of our faves below:

Indoors? Here are some options to help you get active!

Clean-up race – Oh, this is a good one to help you with tidying up. Set a timer or put on a song to see who can help with cleaning up the fastest. As an aside, you may want to establish some rules with this, as you may end up with a messier room! 

Tickle tag – Our personal favourite in the Banjo office! Chase your children around the house, you know what happens if you catch them!

Outside? Fabulous! Let’s get active!

Classic childhood activities – Reminisce about all the old school games that you remember playing as a child. Play hide and seek, freeze tag or red rover. Teach your kids how to play, and see if they can invent their own versions too! 

Races – So simple but, the kids LOVE it. Why don’t you organise races with a small prize for your child and get CREATIVE? Is it a crab walk race? Is it an egg and spoon race? If your little one has no one to race against, time them. Get them to get to a certain time and they win the prize! 

Hot potato – They will love this! All you have to do is get a soft ball or rolled up sock and toss it to a child. Tell them to toss it to someone else as quickly as possible. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. When will the game end? Who knows? Just get rid of it! So much fun!

Love, Banjo HQ x

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