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World WellBeing Week | National Writing Day | Competition!

Many studies have shown that creativity – including small, everyday things like snapping photos or doing some free writing – has a positive benefit on emotional wellbeing,

Picking up a paintbrush or a pen can help us to articulate our thoughts (however messy they may be), be present in the moment and allows us valuable time for reflection which is more important than ever in these bonkers times.

Creative self-expression can have significant benefits for kids too, boosting their self-esteem, growing their communication skills and helping them to relax.

From babyhood through to reading by themselves, stories are an important part of children’s development. Storytelling in any form is of great value: whether it’s through acting out the plots of books, talking about their letters from Banjo, or regaling you with a yarn they’ve made up themselves.  Stories and creative writing have the power to spark curiosity, help us ask questions, understand others and express our own feelings.

As Banjo HQ favourite Maya Angelou wrote, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Chance to win: 12 month subscription to Banjo Robinson, book and toy for you, or a friend!

To celebrate our big imaginations and the power of creativity this World WellBeing Week, we’re asking your little ones to pick up their pencils and write us a mini Banjo Robinson adventure for the chance to win a 12-month subscription, a Banjo book and toy for you or a friend!

Entries can be up to 200 words, or half a page of A4 paper, and should be handwritten (and illustrated too if they’d like!). Grown-ups are welcome to transcribe stories on behalf of littler writers! Please add your child’s first name and age on the page, photograph your entries and send them to by 7 July 2021 to be entered into our competition.

And in case you missed it the first-time round, check out our guest blog by creative writing educator Ella Burns on getting the kids writing.

Happy writing! X

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