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Let’s go to… FRANCE!

Banjo wants to become an expert on France. Have a look at these extra resources and you can become one too!

Let’s start with some fun facts about this beautiful country. 

Do you like DELICIOUS food? France is full of it! Check out this list – what would you like to try? 

There is some AMAZING art in Paris. Check out this mini tour of the Louvre museum which is home to some very famous pieces! 

Can you imagine cycling across France?! Find out about the exciting Tour de France here

Have you heard of the Eiffel Tower? Learn all about it and then why not try to draw it too?  

Want to learn some French words? Start here

Wind down with this gorgeous piece of music, Clair de Lune (meaning ‘moonlight’) by French composer Claude Debussy. 

Now you know all about France, why not plan a trip there!

Have a think about these questions…

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