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International Plastic Bag Free Day

Ditch the plastic! 

3 July is International Plastic Bag Free Day, a global initiative which celebrates safe alternatives to plastic bags with a view to reducing plastic waste and promoting a healthier planet. 

It’s also the start of Plastic Free July, a movement which helps people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. 

Plastic pollution has become one of our most serious environmental issues, as the production of disposable plastic goods is on the rise, and we are unable to deal with the consequences. 

We can, and must, make small changes every day when we can. Educating ourselves and others about the problem and developing positive new habits is a great place to start.  

Talk to your little ones about the many challenges of plastic pollution. From getting used to refusing plastic straws, to always remembering their refillable water bottles for day trips, the kids can absolutely take responsibility for this mission too.  Packed lunches can be kept single-use plastic free by using reusable containers, wrap and avoiding pre-packaged fruit and veg when doing the shopping. 

Take a reusable cup with you to cafes when you pop out for a takeaway drink (did you know that the UK currently uses around 7 million disposable coffee cups a day?) and if you have access to a refill station, take big containers (like those for washing products, shampoo and cooking essentials) and top them up with the products that you need, without the waste. 

Struggling to find the perfect plastic-free bag for your shopping this weekend? Why don’t you and your child make your own? In case you missed it, in our print-at-home eco pack we’ve included Banjo’s handy guide to making a cloth bag from an old T-shirt. Follow the link and input your email address to receive this bumper pack of activities for you and your little one.

We all need to work together to make our planet safer for communities, wildlife and the environment. Days like International Plastic Bag Free Day are great reminders of that.

Happy Plastic Free July – do what you can and together we can make a difference!

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