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Summer Series: Holiday Packing Tips

No doubt you’re right in the middle of trying to organise activities with the kids (can you believe we are almost halfway through the summer holiday already… MADNESS!?) and that might even involve a lovely local staycation. Our latest Summer Series blog is all about packing your bags for those special days out with the family and getting ready to enjoy the time off and have FUN! Today we’ll be looking at an issue that fills us at Banjo HQ with dread.. Packing!

Here are a few tips we’ve found that helps when packing with kids:

FREE printable holiday packing list

Write a list. Or, use our lovely printable holiday packing list here! Try to do it as early as you can as last-minute packing is almost certainly guaranteed to leave you forgetting or overlooking something (especially if you have excited kids hovering in the background!)

Cubes & Rubber Bands

We know it’s easier to just pile all the items in the suitcase, press down the lid and hope for the best but, we ABSOLUTELY love using packing cubes and some you can even write the name of the person on too! Or, you can roll up the clothes, securing them with rubber bands. You’ll have LOADS more space!

Plan to Wash

Are you a ‘what if’ packer? Packing extra outfits for spillages? If you’re taking a one week trip, you don’t need more than three outfits per person…crazy, we know! All you need to do is pack a bar of laundry soap and wash soiled items at the end of the day in a sink. Now lay out a bath towel, put the damp item (that you’ve wrung out thoroughly) on the towel. Tightly roll and press the towel as it’ll absorb even more water leaving the item barely damp so you’ll be able to rewear the following day! Don’t fancy doing that? We are sure a local laundrette will be able to help!

Pack with lots of colour!

For your little ones, pack bright colors (for high visibility) that are dark enough that stains aren’t going to be a major problem. 

Don’t pack a suitcase/bag per person

If one goes missing, someone will end up without clothes! To ensure you avoid this nightmare scenario, pack a few sets of every family member’s clothes within each case instead. That way everyone will still have something to wear should the – GULP- unthinkable happen.

Pack each days clothes separately

Use individual ziplock bags (within your packing cubes if you get them!) to pack an outfit a day for each child. We know, this sounds like so much more extra work but it saves time and hassle trying to piece together outfits for each member! Also, you can use these bags to pack away the dirty laundry without getting it mixed up with any clean clothes you’ll be bringing back!

Basic first aid kit

It’s so easy and quick to pack a basic first aid kit consisting of plasters, antiseptic cream, bug repellent as well as child ibuprofen and infant paracetamol. You never know when it’ll be needed!

Pack something new for the kids

Keep a supply of new toys and games that you can pull out when the children start getting bored or restless! Card games, magic writing boards, reading books and travel games are all great ideas which won’t take up a lot of space!

We hope you’ll find these tips really helpful, and if you’re looking for even more sustainable options, check out this blog!

Have the best summer, Banjo HQ x

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