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FREE children’s audiobook read by Pandora Sykes

Check out our FREE audiobook now – the perfect lockdown family activity!

Banjo HQ is absolutely delighted to announce a special recording of The Book That Writes Back: The Story of Banjo Robinson, read by the brilliant Pandora Sykes.

Banjo Robinson is a globetrotting CAT, who travels around the world sniffing out adventures – but where did Banjo come from and why is he the most fantastic explorer of all time?  Listen to his story, alongside beautiful, original illustrations from the book itself!

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Banjo Robinson sends personalised letters, maps, stickers, recipes, reply stationery and more to children ages 5+ twice monthly from a range of exciting destinations. Kids all over the world are already receiving his activity-filled letters – and writing back to him too!  

If your little one loves Banjo’s backstory, you can sign up to receive any of his letter subscriptions with a special 50% discount. Simple apply the code: MAGIC50 at checkout on our website – because we believe that all children (and parents!) deserve a little joy and magic in their lives right now. Limited time offer.

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