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Happy 4th July and National Barbecue Week!

Noticed loads of stars and stripes flags everywhere? It’s the fourth of July and millions of Americans around the world are celebrating Independence Day. 

Independence Day looks back to 1776 when the United States broke free of British rule. The Declaration of Independence became one of the country’s most important symbols of freedom and, since 1870, 4 July has become a national holiday. 

4 July celebrations take the form of bonfires, parades, parties, picnics, fireworks and of course the traditional American barbecue. 

Barbecue has its roots in Indigenous, West African and European cooking traditions and is as popular now as it’s ever been. In 2019, over a 1.3 BILLION dollars-worth of grills were sold in the US alone! 

So, whether you’re celebrating 4 July, National Barbecue Week or just celebrating the chance to have a great outdoor lunch, here are our hints and tips for a perfect family barbecue.

Get them to set up a sauce station

The best part about eating outside is that you don’t have to worry (too much) about any mess! Let kids get creative with their own toppings table for dinner with plenty of options for burgers and hot dogs, from classic ketchup and mustard to chunky burger sauce and different cheeses. Then, for afters, scoop some ice cream into cones and have a table full of chocolate sauce, pretty sprinkles and fresh fruit! Yummy!

Funky Fruity Ice

It’s so important that the little ones stay hydrated so make drinking water a lot more fun with pretty ice cubes that double as a serving of fruit! To make, you just freeze some berries and water in an ice cube tray and place in glasses when frozen. 

Theme your barbecue

Get the kids to decide on a theme, have a look at any dressing up costumes that they may have and you could even get (or decorate!) paper plates, cups and napkins to match! Ask them to create a play that they can perform before the burgers are ready! 

Let them help you

Small children can rinse the vegetables, set  the table, assemble the buns and even line up the marshmallows for later! Older kids can help you shape and season the burgers and put vegetables or fruit on skewers. They can also help the smaller children with folding napkins and take drinks orders!

Barbecuing with the family is amazing! Remember to get out your camera and take photos to record these fun, summer memories too this National Barbecue Week! 

Getting ready to BBQ? Check out these great recipes to get you started… 

Nothing says the 4th of July like hot dogs! Try these – the relish is EVERYTHING (and works for veggie dogs too)!

Embrace delicious Mexican flavours with this yummy BBQ chicken quesadilla.

Who doesn’t love a barbecued corn on the cob?

Fancy a veggie burger? There are loads to try!

And don’t forget dessert! Check out this page for even more inspo – there’s so much to choose from. Happy barbecuing! x

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