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Banjo Robinson’s Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day is upon us and we have a few creative ideas that you can do with the kids that won’t break the bank! So, let’s get creative with items you’ll find at home to make your ultimate Father’s Day gift:  

Banjo Robinson FREE TRIALSign up here before Sunday 13th June and receive your child’s first personalised letter and activity before Father’s Day. Banjo’s activities are a great way to spend some quality father and child bonding time together – providing fun for all involved! The free trial includes TWO personalised letters, a big, beautiful world map poster, stickers and creative activities!

Father’s Day LEGO memory jar – Write his favourite things on each LEGO brick, then pick them out of a mason jar when you need a fun weekend activity. You can even stack them on top of another to represent the memories “built” together too… so cute!

Father’s Day Coupon book – Get a piece of paper and trace and cut round your little one’s hands. Get them to write a household chore or other ways kids can show their dads that they care on them. Make a big pile so dad can help himself whenever he wants!

Beer/drink tags – Using card cut out tags then write a message and attach to his favourite after-work drink of choice. You can use either string to attach this directly to the bottle or, cut a hole to pop the bottle through (be careful with the scissors!).

Lolly sticks board – Why not collect all your lolly sticks and colour them in with different colours (think rainbow!) and then write on each one why their dad is the best? You can add things like: Dad plays with me or He makes me great sandwiches! Glue them together underneath one another and stick some string at the back for their dad to hang with pride! 

Father’s Day Surprise paper aeroplane box – Who doesn’t love paper aeroplane? This will remind him of being at school/home when he was younger so, he will love this nostalgic gift. Grab an empty box, make some paper aeroplanes and fill it up as much as you can. Pop a big bow on the box and get ready for dad’s inner little boy to come out again while he’s throwing them around!

You can also get your paws on our FREE Father’s Day Craft Kit! Kit includes: card, photo frame, No 1 Dad badge, certificate, love tokens and a special poem. We’ve made a generic bundle too – so that you can celebrate ANYONE this Father’s Day

From all the Cats at Banjo HQ, Happy Father’s Day! X

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