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Summer Series: Family Feel Good Films

Can you believe that the kids will be back at school soon? It’s crazy how quickly the summer is going but, if you’re like us parents at Banjo HQ, we are trying to find moments where we can unwind with our kids. What better way to have some cuddles and chilled out time than by watching a film with your little ones? The minute you click onto Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus (or any other channel?!), it is a sea of recommendations for good family films. It can be overwhelming so, we wanted to list a few that have made us have an aww moment with our family. So, grab the popcorn, a blanket and get ready for some films that get the Banjo seal of approval!

Luca (Disney Plus)

Luca is an Italian-set animated fairy tale about two young sea monsters exploring an unknown human world. This is a film about coming of age and the relationships that you form whilst trying to find your true self. It’s a beautiful film and we love it!

Matilda (Netflix/Prime/Now TV)

We would love to put ALL of the Roald Dahl books that have been made into films in our list as they are all pretty amazing (The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are some of our FAVOURITES!) but Matilda seems to be the top film at Banjo HQ. Following poor Matilda’s life from the beginning, you laugh, you cry and you can’t help but want to cuddle your little ones even tighter! This film is a gem. 

Wonder (Netflix)

WARNING! Make sure you have tissues packed nearby and don’t watch if your little ones don’t like seeing you upset. Wonder is emotional but moving in such a way that your children may ask you thought provoking questions. Born with facial differences that, up until now, have prevented him from going to a mainstream school, Auggie Pullman becomes the most unlikely of heroes when he enters the local fifth grade. This is a real family film that everyone will love.

The Mitchells vs The Machines (Netflix)

This is BRILLIANT from start to finish. The plot is basically the title of the film, expect car chases, robots EVERYWHERE and relationships being pushed to the limit. It’s funny, very creative and talks about how families can grow apart too. Great themes running throughout and enough entertainment to keep the kids interested! Watch it here.

Onward (Disney Plus)

Elves Ian and Barley are brothers on a quest! They are allowed to bring back their sadly deceased father for one day but (as you can imagine!) it goes wrong and they need to… Well, we won’t spoil it too much for you! The brothers’ characters deepen considerably as they discover and reveal strengths and vulnerabilities. Another feel good film for all the family that you can watch here!

Soul (Disney Plus)

Joe travels to another realm to help someone find their passion, and he soon discovers what it means to have soul. Another film that we are sure will make your little ones ask more questions and we know you’ll end this film with a big smile on your face! Aww! Check out the link here to watch it.

Muppets Most Wanted (BBC Iplayer)

Starring Ricky Gervais, this film has… Well, lots of muppets in it! What more can you ask for? Lots of funny moments, funny voices and a silly plot that will have you all in giggles!

The Boy In The Dress (BBC Iplayer)

This is a family comedy adapted from the fantastic David Walliams’ children’s book about 12-year-old Dennis who somehow feels different from everyone else. With an amazing cast too, this is bound to get you reaching for the popcorn to find out what happens next. Watch it here.

Chicken Run (Amazon Prime)

This engaging stop-motion adventure tells the story of an American rooster who falls in love with a lovely hen on a British farm. Lots of funny moments and a great way to get your kids into the Wallace and Gromit series too! Check it out here.

Hook (Amazon Prime)

This is purely a nostalgic movie for us oldies at Banjo HQ! The kids will love the adult Peter Pan, the Lost Boys getting up to no good and Hook being as bad as ever! 90s films at their finest that you can watch here

We hope you’ll find these film recommendations as PAWesomely fun as we do, and if you’re looking for even more options, check out Time Out’s 50 best family movies to watch together for loads of other great films to watch! 

Have the best summer, Banjo HQ x

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