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UEFA Euro 2020 Kids’ Activities

Here at Banjo H-Q are going Euro 2020 football CRAZY! The games have been so much fun, we’ve been on the edge of our seats! So, we’ve pulled together some content for you and your kids to enjoy whilst watching the games below:

Football Bingo

Get your little ones to cross off when they see the manager get cross, goals and lots of other fun things that happen during the game! Print it here for footy excitement!

Colouring In Euros Sheet

Print this off here to keep the kids entertained so you get a little peace whilst watching the football!

Fixtures List

If you haven’t already, the fixtures list is ready to print off, where your little ones can fill out the scores and teams and work out who is closer to victory! 

Check out Banjo’s player selection too:

Have a listen to Banjo’s Euro 2020 Football Playlist too!

Enjoy the games from all of us here at Banjo H-Q! x

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