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Elevenses with… Book Nook!

This morning, Banjo is celebrating the joy of independent booksellers by sharing a delicious mango and passionfruit doughnut with Vanessa Lewis co-owner of the multi-award winning children’s bookshop The Book Nook in Hove. 

Hi Vanessa- thank you for bringing doughnuts! Can I just ask you: what do you like best about being a bookseller?

I love being surrounded by books all day, unpacking exciting new titles and sharing these delights with our lovely customers. There’s nothing more joyful than seeing children excited about reading and finding the perfect book for someone.

What is the first book you remember loving?

It’s got to be The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton as I desperately wanted to go up the Magic Faraway Tree to different lands and, in fact, am still on the look out for it whenever I go for a walk in the woods.

If you could go anywhere, what location from a story would you like to visit?

Hogwarts! Who doesn’t want to walk up a moving staircase, have their food magically appear in front of them and learn to fly on a broomstick? I’m still waiting for my letter…

Which character from a book would you like to meet in person?

Herbie Lemon and Violet Parma from Thomas Taylor’s Malamander books. They are a brilliant duo who have very exciting adventures, often accompanied by a talking cat and their names are excellent!

You’ve probably read millions of books already, but what book are you most looking forward to reading?

The Castle of Tangled Magic by Sophie Anderson as we have adored her previous books. She is a magical storyteller who really draws you into the heart of the worlds she creates.

From whom would you most like to receive a letter?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to receive a letter from Paddington Bear? He’d tell you all about his adventures in London and probably include a marmalade sandwich too in case you’re peckish.

What is the silliest word you can think of?

I reckon the BFG is the king of silly words and our favourite is ‘splitzwiggled’ which is when a giant is in a very bad mess. Also, ‘bellypoppers’ which is his name for helicopters.

Thank you so much, Vanessa! I’m off to wipe my sticky whiskers but I look forward to visiting The Book Nook next time I’m in the UK!

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