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Easter Activities for the Kids: Save 50% & get a FREE book!

Does your child love adventures? After the year they’ve had, stories are more important than ever. Keep reading to find out more about Banjo Robinson and our best deal, to date!

Banjo Robinson sends personalised letters written by best-selling children’s writers, activity packs and more, twice monthly, from a range of exciting global destinations. 

Children get lost in Banjo’s stories of travel and adventure – and they write back to him too! Parents/ carers can then add bespoke PS messages to upcoming letters which respond to their kids’ replies creating a truly magical correspondence between child and cat. In a product trial with 500 Mumsnet families, 9/10 children wrote back and 89% of testers said they’d refer us!

Banjo Robinson ignites your child’s love of reading and writing whilst teaching them about the world and engaging them in colourful creative activities – from international recipes and crafts to word games and colouring in. 

If you’re looking for Easter activities for the kids, look no further than a subscription to real letters from an imaginary cat. Your first letter will arrive within 2 weeks and include an A1 world map poster for tracking Banjo’s travels. 

And for the best possible Banjo experience, start your journey with The Book that Writes Back: The Story of Banjo Robinson, Global Explorer. Enjoy the story of where Banjo came from and why he’s travelling the world – and watch your child’s delight as he starts writing them real letters. Imagine the joy of being penpals with a character from your favourite picture book! 

In our one-time spring sale, we’re offering 50% off your first payment on all subscription packages and a free full-colour 13-page Banjo Robinson book.

Start your adventure with Banjo’s book and letter subscription today!