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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: How can you help?

This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In the UK and Ireland, around five children are diagnosed with cancer each week which is a staggering 1820 each year. 

On average, 8 in 10 of all children survive their cancer for five years or more, and for some types of children’s cancer, the cure rate is much higher. However, for some types of childhood cancer, cure rates are much lower and less progress has been made. Further research is urgently needed and that’s why the awareness month can really help. 

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is symbolised by a gold ribbon, worn to commemorate the event. Here are some ways that you can help raise much needed funds and awareness for this hugely important cause:

Could you be a possible donor?

A blood cancer diagnosis is a shock and often marks the start of a race against time. For many patients, their only chance of survival is to find a matching blood stem cell donor, as fast as possible. This is where you can help! By applying for a simple swab test, you will be put into a database of possible donors to help save a child with leukemia. It takes two mins to do, so register now with DKMS or Antony Nolan! Check out what else you can donate here too.

Cancer gift baskets/experiences

Do you work for a cool company like a cinema, airline or even a supermarket? Could you be able to speak to your boss about arranging some cancer gift baskets or experiences and then contacting a local cancer trust to donate them. Children will love this and their siblings and families will get to enjoy them too. 

Fundraising event

It is so easy to do a sponsored run, walk, swim, car wash, bake sale – or anything really! Being able to do something with your child too will make them feel like they’re really helping raise funds for a charity. It’s simple things like this that can really help a family in need.

Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life-threatening or terminal illness. They even offer emotional support for the brothers and sisters of seriously ill children too. Rainbow Trust has some great resources to do with your little one if they’re very unwell. For older children, here is the information and this is for younger children. 

Leaving a gift in your will

This is another very easy thing to do. It takes very little time to change your will and add a donation to a childhood cancer trust. The money is really needed and can make such a difference to a family going through this difficult time.


There are so many AMAZING charities out there that are helping raise awareness of childhood cancer and help struggling families as well as research. We’ve listed a few below but there are so many more:

Children’s Cancer & Leukemia Group (CCLG)

The Azalyia Foundation

Solving Kids Cancer

Bone Cancer Research Trust

Neuroblastoma UK

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

It is so important to raise awareness of childhood cancer and help in any way that we can. Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of how you can support others and be able to do activities with the kids. If you have been affected by childhood cancer, please reach out to any of the charities above for support.

All our love, Banjo HQ x

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