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The Independent: 13 Best Kids’ Subscription Boxes

The Independent recently released an article ’13 Best Kids’ Subscription Boxes’ from Heidi Scrimgeour. Thank you for including us in this feature and for the glowing review of how Banjo Robinson can help entertain kids during lockdown!

‘This is glorious. Not only is it a clever way of turning reading and writing into a fun game, but it completely enthralled our six-year-old tester. Aimed at five to eight-year-olds, this is basically an old-fashioned pen pal scheme with a contemporary twist.’  

You can check out the full article out here and see some other brilliant subscriptions, such as our friends Habox Kids; the UK’s first dental box for kids!

More about Banjo

Banjo Robinson is a magical, globetrotting cat who sends personalised letters, stickers and creative activities to children, twice a month, from exciting destinations around the world. For children aged 5-8.

Each delivery includes:

  • a personalised letter from Banjo (written by children’s author, Anna Kemp!)
  • reply stationery
  • a colouring in activity
  • personalised stickers
  • country facts
  • recipe card

Banjo Robinson- the character behind the globetrotting, magical CAT! that is Banjo.

Children also receive a big, beautiful world map with their first letter. They can add country stickers to this as they follow along with Banjo’s world tour!

Why Banjo is Great

Banjo’s letters and creative activities are developed by teachers, written by children’s authors and curriculum aligned. As such, they cover all key aspects of Key Stage 1 English and many aspects of Key Stage 1 Geography, History, Languages and Arts. Letters from Banjo support a love of reading and writing, stimulate curiosity about the world and encourage empathy, creativity and communication. The letters empower children to become confident readers, writers and creative thinkers. Furthermore, the personalised aspect makes children feel special and naturally stimulates excitement and engagement around learning. While books encourage reading, letters also contain an invitation to write a reply!


Find out more about Banjo Robinson here.

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