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Hit the books! The benefits of early reading

As parents, carers and educators, we are encouraged to pick up books with our kids from a young age- but what are the benefits of early reading?

Being regularly read to can boost a child’s mental and emotional development. Research by Child of Our Time blog reports that regular reading also helps kids at school and with their behaviour. 

Preparing for school 

 A report commissioned by BookTrust explains that positive book experiences happen from as young as 3 months of age. This then benefits a child’s language and communication from around 8 months onwards. It also reports that having reading experiences very early on in life can start to prepare your child for their school education.

Social and communication skills

Reading the same book lots of times and interacting with the story can promote social and communication skills too. To encourage literacy in children of all ages, experts also recommend talking and asking questions about stories after reading them (link to our literacy blog?).

Other benefits of early reading

Not all kids will turn into bookworms but their early experiences will help them to feel comfortable and happy with books. Providing an interesting and diverse library for your young children will also benefit them by-

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