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Let’s go to… JAPAN!

Banjo’s in Japan and we’d love to be there too! Check out these extra Japan-themed resources to complement Banjo’s most recent letter.

Let’s start with some useful info and facts about this amazing country. 

Here’s a geography lesson so we can learn more. 

Would you like to speak Japanese? Banjo always has a go at learning new languages! Check out this brilliant app, or start by learning how to say animals names. Keep practising until you become an expert!

Koi fish represent good luck in Japan. Why not read about them and have a go at painting some. You could also try making some pretty lanterns or a blossom tree collage. Gorgeous!

Have you ever written a haiku? Now’s your chance! Follow these simple instructions and enjoy crafting your own Japanese poetry.

If you’re feeling peckish, you can learn all about traditional Japanese food here and why not have a go at making something delicious yourself? 

Do you like manga? Check out this great list of comics suitable for young readers.  

And how about trying your hand at this traditional chopsticks game? No actual chopsticks required!

If you subscribe to Netflix, why not snuggle up with the wonderful Studio Ghibli animated film, My Neighbor Totoro? Suitable from age 5+.

Now we know all about Japan, let’s plan our trip there!

Have a think about these questions…

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