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Let’s go to… AUSTRALIA!

Banjo’s in Australia right now and there’s nothing to stop us imagining we’re right beside him! Check out these extra Australian themed resources to compliment Banjo’s most recent letter.

Shall we start with some authentic Aussie music? Why not get the whole family dancing and singing along with this upbeat Australian playlist (courtesy of Arts Centre Melbourne)? From Kylie to The Wiggles, via Tim Minchin- there’s something here for everyone! 

How about learning to talk like an Aussie? Australians are proud of their slang- and so they should be! Learn some of their most commonly used slang words with our free printable here.

Next, let’s lose ourselves in the National Geographic’s brilliant list of facts about Australia

Who doesn’t love a wombat? Learn about Australia’s amazing wildlife here and then get stuck into some fab animal activities

After that, how about we dive into some info about the incredible Great Barrier Reef?

Aboriginal boomerangs are a distinctive Australian emblem. Can you design your own?

Finally, why not check out these yummy Australian recipes

Now we know all about Australia, let’s plan our trip there!

Have a think about these questions…

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