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Holidays at Home with Banjo: Mongolia!

Banjo is off to marvellous Mongolia this week!

He’s planning all sorts of adventures but, knowing him, he’ll also find time for sampling the local delicacies and making friends. As part of our Holidays at Home series, here are some activities so you can travel with Banjo, including a recipe for Mongolian pancakes, a mindful colouring picture and a dinosaur activity.

Why not accompany your holiday at home with some lovely local music too? Here’s some we found. Enjoy your trip!!

Mongolian Pancakes

Whip up a storm in the kitchen with this delightful pancake recipe. Nothing helps recreate a trip away more than the taste of an authentic dish!

Printable pancakes recipe from Mongolia.

Mindful Colouring Picture

Buy yourself thirty minutes of calm while your children work away on this mindfulness activity! Curious to find out more about the Bactrian camel? Why not check out this National Geographic link together, after they’ve finished.

Mindful colouring picture of a Bactrian camel from Mongolia.

Dinosaur Spotting in Mongolia!

We hope the Therizinosaurus’ little problem gives you as much of a giggle as it gave us, at Banjo HQ. Why not try some role play after completing this exercise, and guess which dinosaur your child is trying to be?

Dinosaurs from Mongolia fact sheet.

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