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Holidays at home with Banjo: Canada!

Banjo is in wild and wonderful Canada this week and, in Montreal, a helpful moose called Antoine teaches him some essential French vocab….

Why not have your own petite slice of Canada this weekend as our Holidays at Home series continues with a wordsearch, some French to learn, a spot the difference activity and a bit of colouring in?

Whilst your little ones complete the activities, you can enjoy this gorgeous version of Blackbird sang in the indigenous Mi’kmaq language. 

Then, settle down to watch this short film about beavers and tuck into some delicious maple syrup! Banjo loves Canada- and so do we!

Canadian animals wordsearch

From bears to bison, there are some brilliant animals in Canada. Print off this wordsearch and see who can spot them!

Fun French!

Why not print this out and stick it on the fridge? Soon the whole family will know some new vocab! If you can already speak French, why not add some words of your own?

Spot the Difference!

Print out these forest pictures and ask your Banjito to find the differences. Can they spot all 7?

Spot the difference printable

Stacks of fun (and maple syrup)

Everyone needs pancakes every now and then… Print out this mouth-watering picture for your little one to colour in.

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