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Holidays at Home: Indian Adventure!

Banjo is off on an Indian adventure as we speak- and the latest we’ve heard is that he’s accidentally ended up as an extra in a Bollywood movie. Typical Banjo!

While you’re in India with Banjo, why don’t you check out this relaxing sitar music?

And check out these stunning photos from the National Geographic, too!

Ganesha drawing challenge

During Diwali, Hindus worship the elephant-headed god Ganesha. Print off this sheet and see if your little one can complete Ganesha’s picture, using the guide drawing included. 

Mehndi designer

Mehndi is the traditional Indian art of decorating skin using henna paste. Print off this template and ask your Banjito to create their own Mehndi design.

Spot the tigers!

Banjo loves India and he thinks the wildlife is AMAZING! Print off this colourful scene and see how many tigers your child can find hidden.

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