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Holidays at Home: Brazil!

Banjo is in Brazil this week, and a little misunderstanding leads him to party on a rooftop overlooking Rio de Janeiro! Why not immerse yourself in Brazil too, by printing out and enjoying these activities? It might not be Carnival yet… but we can still have fun! While you’re at it, you can explore the Amazon Rainforest here and enjoy this little song.


Banjo’s cousin Maria loves to get dressed up. You can cut out these colourful designs and attach them to a ribbon to make a wonderful headband with your little one, this weekend. The perfect excuse to host your very own mini Carnival in the kitchen!

Banjo Robinson Brazilian themed headband printable


Brazilians love to play football. Can your child spot all the footballs in this map of South America?  (NB. There are five hiding around the continent!)

Banjo Robinson spot the hiding footballs printable


Keep your little ones busy with this picture word activity. The highlighted letters will spell out something that Brazil is very famous for! (Answer: small and upside down on the bottom of the page).

Banjo Robinson picture word activity printable


Whip up your own tropical treat with our exclusive recipe here. Encourage your child to close their eyes and imagine they’re on a beautiful Brazilian beach with this delicious smoothie!

Banjo Robinson Brazilian smoothie printable

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